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It looks like Putin has decided to castle on the Queen's side. A risky move sometimes, but it can often take your opponent by surprise and leave him staring down the barrells of two unimpeded rooks soon enough.

The first thought I had when I saw the words Russia, Quatar, and Iran together was "gas cartel", and sure enough, there it was at the end of the paragraph.

Putin is a vicious dictator who has engaged in all manner of atrocities, but I genuinely believe that he does care about his country. Mother Russia comes first, and those Russian dictators who forget it usually end up dead.

This is why tribes can stand the test of time, even against great odds, but melting pots like empires always die.


Cantarell - Much worse than this posting shows. The following quotes are from this article:

Quotes follow:

"Unfortunately, the era of low-hanging fruit … has really run its course," said Herbert, co-head of research at Simmons & Co. International, a Houston-based energy investment bank. He put the odds of finding another field the size of Cantarell in Mexico or anywhere else at "slim and none."

Exceeded in size only by Saudi Arabia's leviathan Ghawar field, Cantarell is a prolific giant that is past its prime. Monthly production peaked in late 2004 at just over 2.1 million barrels a day and has fallen more than 15% since then. Experts agree it has nowhere to go but down.

- snip -

Leaked internal reports of Pemex's own worst-case scenarios published in Mexican newspapers show production plummeting to about 520,000 barrels a day by the end of 2008 — a 71% free-fall from May levels in less than three years.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Most likely true. The geology of gas and oil is very twisted: the temperatures in the earth must be just right, the places where the rotting lifeforms turned to mush must be perfect. Since many of them are sea creature sites, this means they get sealed by salt.

We know a great deal about oil and geology yet understand so little.

All I really can say is, this stuff is very limited, very dangerous to tap and has side effects we are barely aware of so far.

spokane physician

I can be more aggressive about it.

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