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"He is thoroughly Christianized and his job before going off to the USA, was to keep the Islamic revolutionaries and reactionaries under the harsh whip of the ruling royals."

I'm for that. The harsher the better!

"The tension caused by the Saudi Royals and the king's choice of kneeling to the Christians and Jews and following them like a dog on a leash even as he desperately tries to control them with his oil, is where the major rift within Islam is."

My, my... and here I was, thinking there was a rift between the Sunnis and the Shits. Silly me!

"This shows us clearly that this family is quite capable of murdering each other every bit as the British royals like to kill each other (pace, Princess Di)."

At least this family has some stuff worth squabbling over. But royals will squabble, even over nothing (I can't think of much worth killing over in Nepal, can you?)


Whoops. In my comment just above,

"the Sunnis and the Shits"

should have read

"the Sunnis and the Shiites."

The typo was unintentional.

D. F. Facti

Yes, that ould be a problem, wouldn't it, the fundamentalists blowing up the oil machinery. Wow. Did the Project for the New American Century calculate that possibility?

Nuking Iran would definitely screw up the flow of petrol.

Among other things.

Whatever do you suppose the brain trust is thinking?


Internet is slow as hell today - - - another hack attack?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

A royal battle in Saudi Arabia=disaster. The Chinese magicians are saying this year of the pig will be full of wars done by piggish people and it seems we have an excess of these.

And yes, this will be the dreadful 'Battle for Mecca' I have been talking about. No joke here. Ie: will the conservatives win or the radical 'let's party with Europeans and Americans who like to get drunk like Jenna and Barbara Bush and their drunk parents?'

Make no mistake: this is a big, big, BIG issue in SA: drinking.


I've been to Ar-Riyadh, and that place needs some nightclubs in the worst freakin' way! Allah didn't want me to have a cold beer when I'd finished work for the day either, the uncivilized lout...

Elaine Meinel Supkis

On Mt. Olympus where Pegasus grazes when he isn't a constellation in the night sky, there is lots and lots of wine and women. Women who like poetry, dance, singing, history lessons, math homework and...hey, sounds like school.

Oh well. Better than the alternative, right?


Hey - I'm ready to convert to Pegasism! Where do I sign up?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I just knew the 'math homework' would reel you in, Smith. Now you have to learn how to clean stalls. Like Hercules had to.


I have, in fact, already mucked out my share of horse barns. In my childhood, we lived south of Lexington, KY - in "horse country". So we can check that one off the list.

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