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"The other astonishing thing in this ruling elitist article is the accusation, the Mexican government is short-sighted and aimed efforts at pouring oil profits into the Mexican treasury!"

The astonishing thing about THIS article is that Elaine seems to think the PRI was not completely corrupt and actually gave a rat's ass about the Mexican people.

A bit of foreign investment, with concomitant foreign interest in Return On Investment (translation: don't flush the money down the shitter) would do 'em a world of good.

Looks like Bush and Lula agreed on something:,,-6468964,00.html

Actually... I like biofuels. I like anything that will enable us to tell Senor Chavez, President Ahmadidjeridoo, and the rest that "We don't need your smelly black goo any more, so please go shit in your hats. Thank you."

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Um, please list the number of oil-producing nations including Texas, that are NOT corrupt.

Thank you.

As for 'biofuels': um, hate to tell ya this, but oil is the basis for that. Do you imagine that stuff turns magically into gasoline?


JSmith I beseech to act, please send an open letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Alberta Primer Ed Stelmach, the Toronto Star, the Edmonton & Calgary Sun, the Edmonton Journal and the Calgary Herald. Telling us to shit in our hats. Then I can comfortably invest in the multiple 48” pipelines out to Prince Rupert that will transport our energy to China.

A supreme added bonus would be to delete the provision in NAFTA that stipulates we can’t decrease the percentage of energy provided over produced to the US regardless of any future production decreases. Come to think of it just delete NAFTA.

An additional request would be for you to agitate to keep the proposed Alaska Pipeline the hell out of the east slope of the Rocky Mountains. I’m not looking forward to being escorted out of the hiking trails by the inevitable blackwater security thugs. Be sure to garner as much support as you can. Thanks in advance.


I demand wind power with compressed air storage. ('Biofuels'??? That means tractors, harvesters, insecticides, crop plagues, fertilizer, DEPLETED AQUIFERS, etc.)

Just get a huge air + water/antifreeze tank with an air + water partition down the middle and a very tall water capacitor. The wind turbine simply pumps water/antifreeze into the tall water capacitor, which presses the air via a duct at the bottom of the partition. The compressed air pressure is tapped when water is released from the bottom of the air chamber. It can run a used auto alternator for 12V DC, or churn a heavy grade tub of oil to generate heat. (But don't listen to me.)


The compressed air can also be transferred directly to high pressure tanks to power autos, tractors, etc. New compressed air motors are cool-running, super-efficient, light weight, cheap and simple!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yup, you are right, Blues. There are so many fine solutions, I have posted them here. Of course, building good houses that are effient is the best solution, one we have studiously ignored.

Canuck, Smith was joking in his usual ackward way. We are very much dependent on your energy systems! We are the energy hogs, bar absolutely NONE.

Canada has been very patient with us. But now it is hard-ball: everyone has to play the japanese game or take sides with China. And China is busy courting Canada. I watch them do this in their own news: Hu loves to talk to the Canadians. For obvious reasons.


"Um, please list the number of oil-producing nations including Texas, that are NOT corrupt.

Thank you."

You're saying CANADA is corrupt?

"Canuck, Smith was joking in his usual ackward way."

I was not joking - telling the Saudis, the Vene-zoo-lans, etc., to go fuck themselves would be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

As to Canada... over the next 30 years or so, we may see a "pooling of interests" between the US and Canada.


"It can run a used auto alternator for 12V DC, or churn a heavy grade tub of oil to generate heat."

Why would I want to run a used auto alternator for 12V DC? Why wouldn't I go get a new one?


Because by the time we get around to doing this, the Chinese will already have halted the bargeloads of new ones. Plus, all the metal in worn-out ones could be recycled. And also, these are not big generators, so we will need a lot of them. My big point is STOP SCAVENGING THE EXISTING USED STOCK FOR THE COPPER. We will need all of them!!!

Small wind stations are better anyway, since when we get sick of seeing them, we can unlock them and move them around.

The auto alternator has two main components. — A large coil and a small coil, both copper, and four large silicone rectifiers in a diode bridge arrangement, which sometimes fails suddenly. Older 'generators' used carbon brush switches instead of the diodes, which are the hardest parts to manufacture.


JSmith the pooling is already accomplished, in fact the western sedimentary basin was initially developed in the majority by American oil interests. If you’re interested I can tell you why.

In American media coverage you might note that Canadian energy is not considered foreign source, you just have to look at deliveries of oil and gas products then line them up with the supply statements about Venezuela, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. Canadian deliveries are downplayed extensively if not ignored as foreign.

If you notice the NAFTA statement above it stipulates we cannot lower the percentage of production in terms of deliveries this is the legal construct that defines the American share of pool. Should Canada under any circumstance renege on this application we can expect most dire retaliation.

The interesting thing about this arrangement is that it also applies to water. Lefties like Elaine up here in igloo-ville. Are freaking out over bare faced incremental legislation changes that commoditize water resources. You see once any structure anywhere in Canada is set up to commercialize water not only does this percentage factor come into play if we sell one liter of water to the US but… and this is most interesting, US corporate interests can sue us for damages if we don’t allow them access to a commercial resource.

These were the two big ticket items for the US under NAFTA negotiations. Canadian negotiators being Central Canadian Myopic Nationally Divisive Elitists (Ontario, Toronto Elites) did what they’ve always done. Sold the rest of the country with the resources down the river because they can’t directly control resources, that’s a provincial area of responsibility.

How did Bay Street Elitists make out in this agreement? Why our financial institutions (Bay Street) were allowed unfettered access to the American financial markets to set up shop and play all the fractional reserve, service charge, bundled explosive financial instruments and Yen carry trade games with the big boys in Wall street instead of trying to attract attention in Toronto “TSX”.

Bottom line… the resources are pooled. The financial risk is pooled. At 10% you’re population anyone in Canada who thinks we won’t be the first to bend over and take one for the gipper is kidding themselves.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks for the fascinating information, Canuck. We actually get very little news about Canada here and I am just a crow's flight (on a full belly) from you guys.


Here's a resource for you. Enough under the Canada section to keep you going i'm sure. enjoy

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks for the link, Canuck. I do find many links very interesting. Collecting data is time consuming.

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