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eric bloodaxe

It's not your news, it's your pictures. What an interesting Tarot deck you have.


"Gas is over $3 a gallon in more and more places here as oil prices continue their historic climb."

For the forseeable future - like, the next several months?

Right now, refineries are changing over to summer blends, hence a cramp in supply. And in the summer, people WILL go on vacation, increasing demand.

So yeah, I'd say things will trend up for the forseeable.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Last year they hit $3 during the summer. And so this year...unless we get so poor we can't buy any and then the price will drop not that it will help us any.


Nuclear energy is a joke. There is not enough material ('yellowcake', etc.) to last very long, the mine tailings are beyond horrendous, and then the spent fuel gets sold at gun shops (next NRA initiative) as bullets.

Actually, one of the most sensible ways to deal with greenhouse gasses would be to use actual greenhouses! I have often wondered if the huge amounts of aromatic gas given off from juniper bushes would burn. It's probably not too toxic, since it's the stuff they put in vodka to make gin.

So you just grow juniper in a greenhouse, which is evergreen anyway, but with the warmth, maybe it keeps on spewing out those gasses. Then you burn the gasses in the greenhouse, harvest some of the heat, and the junipers convert the CO2 (retained in the greenhouse) back into O2.

So we get to have heat and energy and gin, and save the earth.

Then there are my portable windmills that produce portable compressed air energy. This way, we should be able to wait it out until the greenhouse gas called water vapor all turns to snow clouds that block the sun completely.

People are very unaware of how energy really gets used. It has been noted that half the energy used in the life-cycle of an auto goes into it's manufacture. And we really are running out of steel, copper, etc., etc. And here's another huge item: Roads. I used to work at the State of Connecticut Highway Dept. Division of Survey And Plans. People are totally unaware of the true nature of roads!!! A well-built house could last 200 years, no sweat. How about a top-of-the-line highway (any size)? If they are not used, they fall apart in seven years. If heavily used, they need to be re-paved and overhauled every two years. Completely! They are made of either mortar concrete or bituminous concrete. Both of these things are hugely energy-expensive to produce. Mortar involves heating natural gypsum and such to the point where it gives up it's water content. Bitumen is the black stuff that comes up with oil. So horses would be a lot more practical. The thing is, people are actually ADDICTED to zooming along at 65mph. In fact we have a nation built upon addictions. Some people are even addicted to listening to Rush Limbaugh bitching about 'liberals'. We need solutions, not blowhards and addicts.

The French should stick with the wine and cheese business.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

yup. We will slow down. Remember, I lived in a tent for ten years without modern conveniences. Didn't die. Was actually rather comfy if the wind was below 40mph.

Eric: the deck is the 'Elaine' deck, made in France. It was given to me many years ago. It is my most valuable deck, bar none. I love it.

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