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Sean Fields

I think your website is great but I have to take strong exception to this column. While I think it is probable that warming is occurring and eliminating pollution is good in itself, I think it is questionable to assign the majority of warming to CO2 levels. Variables like water vapor levels have many times the effect that CO2 has. In addition, our poles are reversing and that has a major climate effect as well. Many times before the Industrial Revolution, the earth's climate has changed radically over short periods. In fact, our climate is cooler now than when the Vikings settled Greenland.
Ultimately, I am for developing alternate energy and getting away from hydrocarbons. However, there are many legitimate reasons outside of warming to do so. I can't stand having idiots like Al Gore stampeding the public into actions that will give us a false sense of security on climate change.


Had you noticed what country now heads the UN Committee on Sustainable Development?


Which may not be a bad choice - perhaps the only "sustainable" development is to un-develop back to an economy of subsistence agriculture.

THankfully, I will have passed to the Great Beyind when that happy day arrives.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Smith, we run the World Bank and we are nearly bankrupt! And we tell IMF nations how to spend money while we are the world's biggest spendthrifts! So what was your point?

Sean, global warming is ultimately the business of the sun. If it goes into 'cold' mode, we see vast ice ages here. As for Greenland: all the land that was farmed by the Norse then covered with glaciers is now open for farming again. It is just as warm as during the Medieval warm spell. Of course, the sun shut down for 200 years right after that and people could ice skate on the Thames river!


Hey Smith: I really think you are an inch away from becoming a Buddhist. Global ruin is inevitable, so just relax and enjoy it? (I got this 'inevitable' concept from an obscene postcard from the '50s.)

For Fields: I would like to point out that global warming did not seem to be the pivot point of Elaine's message. There definitely does seem to be global warming going on. But I have been have been harping on the contention that global (fresh water) drying is a much greater problem for some time now. And the mercury problem is another big one for sure. Not to mention the growing horror of acid rain. Let's face it folks, we are screwed all the way around!

When I see endless traffic congestion, endless freight cars overloaded with coal, etc., I know the end of the line is soon to come upon us.


Check this site out, a United States Interactive Carbon Footprint Map, illustrating Greenest States. This site has all sorts of stats on individual State energy consumptions, demographics and State energy offices.

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