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Hello Elaine,

In another life I rode down the highways on Northern Idaho in a pick-up with water in the fuel tank.

The engine had a propane carburetor mounted on it and an old DeSoto engine oil filter attached thereto. The filter had been modified by the inventor Jack Brownson into two chambers to create a fuel cell.

The reaction chamber held his 'hot-mix' chemicals. The fuel line from the gas tank provided a flow of water to it. Upon contact with the 'hot-mix' the water vaporized into H2 and O and passed through a back pressure valve into the holding chamber.

From the holding chamber the H2 was metered into the propane carburetor to run the engine and increasing the flow of water to the fuel cell allowed us to accelerate quickly and maintain a steady speed with careful metering of the H2 gas flow.

The propane carburetor was not optimum for use of H2 fuel, but since nobody had invented a hydrogen carburetor, we made do.

Naturally, you're wondering what was in the 'hot mix'. Don't worry about that; suffice to say it was a combination of readily available hydrides and metals that proportionally mixed with water create a thermo-chemical reaction that breaks the bond [I can't remember if it's covalent or ionic] that holds H2 & O together, freeing both for various uses.

Because of the expense of gathering and mixing the three key elements of 'hot mix' we concluded that it could not compete with gasoline at $1.25 per gallon.

However, today’s fuel prices may be many dollars beyond the break even point for economic use.

No doubt technologies like the Brownson Hydrogen Process along with discoveries of Nikola Tesla and others will nicely substitute for the messy oil economy when the time is optimum.

Kindest regards,

Neuro Artist

Very good post Elaine. There is allmost an endless supply of energy around us, besides we really don't need as much as we use today anyway. Be more energy efficient and skip those energy-consuming habits that only will weaken you in the long run. Besides as you point out oil has a lot of uses (discovered and undiscovered) that will serve humanity much better than as a fuel.

Actually the oil-price at this point is very suppressed, since the major oil-pumpers are extracting as much as they possibly can... With a more reasonable pumping considering the remaining resources, probably the price would jump to 150-200$. Which would trigger energy-saving and a switch to alternative energy sources. I guess the oil-pumpers doesn't like this dynamic. They fear a reduction in demand more than the reduction of supply.

A Wild Thot: Imagine oil-tankers that are sailing in the wind!


Elaine, this time i won't agree with you.

A-biotic theory only means that the Peak Oil will be delayed.

Russia based its oil and gas reserves and production on this theory. They can't be totaly wrong, can they ?

This theory could be the diference between West and East geo-economic stategies for next decades. West believes the fossil theory and make desesparate moves such us Iraq or Iran, and Russia, based on abiotic theory wont make such moves. I realy don't know.

I think Engdahl still believes in Peak Oil, but not for next years. All other thinks you wrote, i agree with you.


Hi Elaine

Enjoyed your blog. Appreciate your tremendous efforts. When you have time, could you tell us how to build a proper house or let me know any reference book on the subject matter. I remember you said something about the house axis. I would like to know how to build the solar rooms you have.

Thank you very much.


Abiotic theory further readings:

Elaine Meinel Supkis

RJSV, nearly all your links go to dead pages. Or they are holding their cards so close to their chests, you can't see anything at all. What a waste of time.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

PFO: there are a host of ways for us to design and run all transportation systems which aren't explored because oil is a top-notch, hither-to cheap energy source so all the aggragate systems we call 'civilization' has grown up around cheap oil used for many frivolous purposes.

Alas, this rich resource will be used up and wasted for all eternity. The Russians under communism believed all sorts of incredible things due to the need to please the rulers in the Kremlin. So any research prior to 1990 has to be taken with truckloads of salt.

Indeed, within America, there has been lots of goofy research trying to refute the facts of the Hubbert Oil Peak but so many years have passed, the logic of Hubbert is totally vindicated by events. But hope springs ever eternal.


I don't buy into this abiotic theory. Even if the hydrocarbons were formed by spontaneous generation, it still looks like the Oil well will run dry. After all, we know perfectly well that the great Western aquifers (underground water, folks) are almost dry. Some people think the non-renewable theories are merely grounds for war. But reality doesn't bend to our needs all that easily.


PS: Elaine, I have invented an incredible, totally awesome new way to get energy! You have a machine shop? We could be filthy rich! I'm serious. It's not perpetual motion thingie, or cars-running-on-water thingie. It's very real, and startlingly simple.

Neuro Artist

Yes, the theories we invent, not to have to deal with reality. Just like the idea of giving massive liquidity injections in a speculative bubble economy is going to manufacture a soft landing. The really scary thing is we probably haven't seen the top yet (that is in the economy).

Neuro Artist

Blues, don't get me wrong I didn't write my post in reply to yours. I was referring to the ideas of oil not going to finish. I didn't even know your post existed before I posted mine.


I've been blogging for years, Neuro Artist. I can roll with just about anything. So — no problem! Besides, you add value with every post!

Neuro Artist

Thanks, so do you!


I wish the world would run out of oil..We would be using solar, wind, etc. I think that is the best thing that could ever happen.


If the world were to just run out of Oil, well you would be just as happy to skip that episode, I'd say, fred. But Elaine and I might get insanely rich, if she would start taking me seriously (I think she's in the habit of not listening 100% — A patrician habit of thought perhaps).


Thoughtful piece and right on the money IMO. There will likely be a lot of "abiotic" smoke and mirrors stuff popping up in the next few years. Making up hopeful stories eases the painful reality we face.

One subject you didn't explore in this piece is the link between fossil fuels and global warming. The glacial melt is already 15-50 years ahead of "schedule". When it is finally clear to everyone that oil is on a permanent decline we'll turn to natural gas and coal, meanwhile burning every last drop of recoverable oil.

The estimates are the Arctic will be ice-free by Summer 2025 or so. (My pick is 10 years earlier, but hey, we all agree it's coming). Even if there are large amounts of Arctic oil to recover, the catch-22 of global warming and energy demand spell catastrophe any way you chart it.

Folks like to label pessimists like myself as Malthusian - and perhaps rightly so - but it doesn't mean we're wrong. We're just not terribly entertaining at cocktail parties.

My question is - does Elaine's economic genius mind see any hopeful way out of this that doesn't involve a mass die off?



Typepad doesn't allow long links. I shoul break them in several lines.

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Ironic, those days a huge amounts of gas and oil have been found in Israel, and the dependents on the neighbors is less It will also going to carry some weight on the issues.


The thing is that oil might not be gone for ever, in time oil resources might regenerate, but that will take an incredible amount of time. Don't forget, oil formed in millions of years! Of course in the future large amounts of oil might be found on the floors of the seas and oceans, but that's another problem! Of course there are many oil fields that aren't drained in order for those countries to have some extra resources!

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