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As an Australian, I am not sure whether Mr Howe should be hung or have a statue erected to him, as he is responsible for the modern tennis racket.

Seriously, I will get a copy of his book. Anything that makes peak oil easy to explain is good.

When the Australian senate looked into Peak Oil they said was a problem but they did not think it was an immediate problem, please see
for good laugh.



I've been looking for a concise, easy-to-understand book to hand out to family members.


Great post, Elaine. Howe's book will be on my reading list. I wish it were mandatory reading for local Baja Mexican politicians. The Mexican Cantarell oil deposits are declining, oil is globally over $91 a barrel, Mexican drivers are SUV-crazy, and hardly any solar energy projects in sight. Instead, we have Sempra Energy (the company that manipulated California energy markets in 2000) putting $1 billion into a LNG facility 14 miles north of Ensenada. The first on the west coast. It will bring super-cooled gas from Tangguh LNG in Indonesia in enormous tankers and re-gassify via warming in pristine waters and then pipe the majority of this gas to California. Baja will get 15%. And much destruction to the natural beauty of this coastline, huge potential for catastrophe, and less and less thought for alternative energy such as solar. We have abundant sunshine here in Baja. It's just a tragedy that more people aren't thinking like Jim Howe.


Peak oil is not our problem. Politics is. US biological-orgins theory is an unscientific absurdity that is unprovable and remains a hoax designed to perpetuate the myth of limited supply. Please read
'Russia is far from oil's peak',

Not Student


The point is, regardless of whether the peak oil theory is a hoax, some of us simply has no access to cheap oil. It doesn't matter whether the reason behind this is political or scientific, but to common people, it simply means we have to find cheaper, more viable alternative.

Even assuming the peak oil theory is a hoax perpetuate by the big oil to earn money and the western geologist to save face, what's wrong with a little alternative energy?

Let the academia fight it out. In the end, it might not be relevant after all.

Virginia Howe

I read with interest your recent review of my father's book. We have attempted to get the info out in a way that the mainstream will have access to it. It's been very frustrating. The facts that seem so clear to us are so foreign to most of the people in this country. Hopefully through your website it will reach more voices. Thank you.

John Howe

Thanks for helping expose my work. A couple of minor details;
Our farm in Maine is very hilly. This presents a severe challenge to battery powered battery powered vehicles up and down!
The "The End Of Fossil Energy" books were purchased by Rep. Bartlett's office. I was a speaker at his Sept.26,th 2005 Peak Oil Conference.
The Claw ski is no longer in production since fossil energy is far more important. After 10 years, about 800 pair were made. Check out for details or copies of my book, "Ski Mechanics"... Only about 30 copies left.
I left AMF Head in 1980 after 13 years and as VP Engineering. My patented racket design was used by Arthur Ashe when he won Wimbledon in the mid-70's...heady days'
The point of this disjointed history (other than never having to learn to keyboard or spell) is that I have a track record of new product development; eg. anticipating trends and needs long before the market, and having the answers ready when the panicked public (the marketing dept.) comes rushing into my office. At this point I might add that my first 13 years '56 to '67 were with GE in the power transformer Div. so I have a good grounding in power and energy. Combine that with grawing up on a farm in West. Mass.
This total background brings me to a startling understanding of the energy-crisis we are faced with. Suddenly history, biology, geopolitics, math, science, etc.( even religion)..all seem to coalesce and make much more sense.
We,as a somewhat arrogant species, are on the verge of "overshoot" and "collapse' ( read Jared Diamond, Albert Bartlett, and William Catton)
Our only hope is to get this story, "Peak-oil", out and not be sucked-in by the don't-worry-be-happy crowd. We,ve already wasted 30 critical years being lulled to sleep!
Thanks to everyone who gets it straight and becomes involved.
John Howe


Not Student
It's all political and it does matter. It can't be just a matter of not electing oil people from a state that relishes picking up their dogs by their ears while jacking us common folk around with their ‘peak oil’ jumble long enough to extract the wealth of an entire planet. As long as there remains trillions of barrels to be extracted, these dog lovers are not going away. Viable alternatives already exist but not just for the sake of mother earth. The old “don’t give a damn-don’t give a hoot-just gotta keep collecting that loot” mindset isn’t going away anytime soon regarding renewable energy either. It’s expensive to purchase, install and maintain, not unlike the premiums paid on hybrid cars or low-E glazing and cork floors or organic produce. Going green takes a lot of green so making this lifestyle choice in the mother of all capitalist countries is slow to take off..


Kind of remind u of the 'hunter-gather' lifestyle facing total demise of easy game and being forced into agriculture lifestyle situation isn't it?

Elaine Supkis

Agriculture was the first real 'value added' culture.


Is this really our very last and final chance for survival? Are we DOOOOOOMED!!! unless we act today??


~ Is this really our very last and final chance for survival? ~

Yes, in fact, it is. Sobering, huh?


"Yes, in fact, it is. Sobering, huh?"

Well... no.

I tend to the view that the planet would be improved without H.Sap running around on it, so we can only hope we blow this, our last and final chance for survival.

Unfortunately, if you say it is, then it isn't. Damn and blast.

John Howe

Re;"peak oil jumble"???
This a rare experience with a blog site and I will not spend much time. But, I cannot understand the twisted logic of the "deniers". It is people like this who are MOST contributing to our demise because they confuse the public and delay urgent response (like happened in the 70's) until it is now too late for easy solutions.
"Don't worry, you don't have terminal cancer like three other doctors told you When there was time for corrective mitigation. Just keep on drinking and smoking and we all will be well."

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