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Appreciate the history lesson, as always.

But, I do like "Gollum Sacks" so much better than Goldman Sachs. It's much more accurate. Yessssss, very accurate, isn't it, my Preciousssss? Oh, yes, it isss...


Elaine Supkis

Yessss, its MINNNNNE.

The oil fire was put out and the damage was not as great as feared. But researching this story reminded me of a lot of forgotten information about several decades of trade negotiations with our neighbors to the north. So I decided to make a big story out of it all.


Watch out...Venezuela's referendum election is Dec. 2nd and the mainstream U.S. media is spreading misinformation.

Interesting take on a recent article by Roger Cohen of the NYtimes.

Here's Dave Lindorff's article:

When it comes to torture and abuses in Pakistan or here in the U.S. , the Times slants toward those in Power....when it comes to mentioning the number of people lifted out of poverty in Venezuela, that rich owners of Venezuelan private companies withhold products from the market to make it seem like there are shortages, or rich landowners keeping fields bare of crops so they can make more money while the populace starves, the Times is silent.


Although the historical attributes are interesting the Canadian federal and provincial governments have on the whole withdrawn controls to allow energy as a market regulated commodity under the NAFTA framework.

The Mackenzie pipeline and the Alaska pipeline are ostensibly shelved due to cost considerations. The main consideration for the Mackenzie pipeline being that the Canadian Federal Government won’t underwrite the risk and or defer/eliminate tax revenues.

Elaine Supkis

Thanks for the links, Canuck. I was hoping you would do this for us.

North Face Down

I also follow through Google Reader!

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