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I have given a fair amount of thought to windmill power, which I think is a great thing. I do not, actually, recommend putting them on mountaintops. There are simply not enough mountaintops to put enough of them to be effective on. Places other than mountaintops will be needed. To be effective, most — by far — will have to be located in places other than mountaintops, and even while they would be the most efficient, they would then contribute relatively little energy. And at that point, we would regret having them all over the mountaintops!

Another issue is that some people have actually begun stealing windmill alternators for their copper coils, as the copper is now a very expensive commodity.


Moving water has, what, about 300 times more energy than moving air, but you are correct that is easier to clean off the birds from a wind turbine than sea creatures off an ocean turbine.

One spot in New Zealand, the Karori Rip, could provide all 12 Gigawatts everyone on this fair isle needs for power.

"The turbine Neptune intends installing at a cost of $10 million 4.5km off Wellington's Island Bay will have a maximum generation capacity of 1MW - enough for about 500 homes."

"That is a fraction of the 12GW of power - 1.5 times New Zealand's present generation capacity - Bathurst calculates could be extracted from Cook Strait at a cost of billions."

Here is another good laugh. The solar company has a promising technology to 'print' nanomolecules on a thin film to generate cheap electricity. I thought that sounded like a brilliant idea, so I said, OK, DO NOT GET EXCITED about this because it will certainly not be allowed to get into consumer's hand. Then I sat back and tried to figure out how they were going to hand the technology to the Rothschilds.

Voila, after 1 year of waiting I have my answer.

Here is their blog admitting consumers will not get any until...sometime in the 'future'...through local utility companies. HAHAHA!

"Update 4/30: Thank you for the hundreds of comments we have received to this posting via email. Our team has read and digested every single of them. To all those of you who are disappointed that our first product is not for residential homeowners, we can reassure you that we do have a fabulous residential solution on our near-term roadmap — one that will bring the utility scale economics of Nanosolar Utility Panel™ technology to homes everywhere and completely redefine how residential solar is done. "

Here is the killshot; they are selling their stuff to a huge French electric company.

Who do you think is heavily involved in the mysterious EDF electric company? NM Rothschild.

"French electricity and nuclear power group EDF was assembling a takeover bid for British Energy worth more than 11 billion pounds (13.7 billion euros, 21.7 billion dollars), The Times reported on Friday.

The daily newspaper, which cited an unnamed source, said that state-owned EDF was drawing up plans for a British Energy takeover bid pitched at more than 700 pence per share.

Investment bank NM Rothschild has been appointed to handle the sale and was preparing to set a deadline for final bids that could fall "within weeks," according to the newspaper's source."

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks, GK, for the information. Years ago, we talked about solar energy and called it 'power for the people' and said, 'everyone can be their own energy company, their own producers!' Then I was told to shut up.

Now, note how they will make it all centralized in some fashion. Something I detest.


I have thought quite a bit about harnessing the power of ocean waves and like the direction that wave compressed-air systems are taking. (link to one such project: ). There are no moving parts located in the ocean itself and minimal visual impairments. It also seems to spare local wildlife.


hi sir am yuvaraj studying final year engg. i want 2 install one power plant wind mill so wht r all the things i want 2 do plzs snd sme details its urgent plz help my for my project i am waiting fr ur rply

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