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Jim Smith


What a stunning post! I feel sick. Could you please put together a column showing a pathway out of this horrible mess? I am starting to lose hope in the viability of humankind.


I cannot see pro western Arab regimes surviving a nuclear attack on Iranian civilian population. Tribal rivalries have been useful for Western powers, but nuclear war is an abomination too far. And yet, it's the only way the US can defeat Iran.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Germany tried to conquer the world twice. Once they gave up all this silliness, they rose rapidly to become the world's #1 export profit country in the world. Japan became #2. The US, which decided to conquer the world after WWII, has fallen all the way to #100 in this vital area. There is a connection!

The US refuses to put down the sword and pick up the plowshare. I can't see any way to stop this. We really do think we can rule the earth using military force. Like all empires, this is beyond stupid. It is fatal.

Until the US gives this up, there will be no change. Antiwar sentiment is so weak here, the last standing candidates all have openly said they are very willing and indeed, anxious to start WWIII.

And many millions of Americans are praying for WWIII to come and then Jesus will kill all Jews, Muslims and Hindus, etc. And then these goofy imperialist Christians will rule the earth with him. Isn't that stupid?

I can't stop them. They pray for this, they work tirelessly to insure this happens. And our politicians pander to them. And the Jews want to rule the Holy Land so they push this Apocalypse, too. Very hard. It is the nuttiest thing to come along in 6,000 years.

Jim Smith


I think what you are saying is that the lunatic fringe is very large, e.g.: "many millions of Americans" and that they have undue influence. So, do we (hopefully more rational citizens) just accept this? Or try to articulate a more positive way forward. Of course, each to her own, and you ARE doing an amazing job as sentinel!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Unfortunately, a number of religions have provisos for Great Changes and many of them involve egging on believers so they destroy a maximum number of fellow humans.

I can't stand this but can't stop it from happening. This is because true believers imagine they can 'win' something nice. Lord knows! They feel that it is worthwhile to unleash the worst possible forces in order to save their souls.

This belief system is very deeply buried in our psyches. Freud called this the Death Wish.


Thought u might want to note that the F15 planes meant to protect the home land were grounded due to metal fatigue. This means they were used too often (wear and tear effects).

Bet u 10-1 the same effects is happening to all the planes and copters in ME. With the USD going down in flames, no way can all these planes be replaced. As US military depends solely in air power for power projection, it will become the Achilles heel.

This venture is set to fail - big time. All the indicators are flashing red!! Once it blows, US global influence will deflate very rapidly like USSR.


Excellent post today Elaine. You always bring up that which isn't obvious.

However, another opinion, from a respected source on the subject you've written about has just been posted on 321 It is written by Clive Maund, an Englishman who lives in Chile with a lot of experience in the money and commodities game. He is saying John McCain is right; we will never leave Iraq unless we are 'run out'. I sent Elaine a link and would like to hear her comments regarding it in the next few days here on her site. All readers of Elaine's work would be well served to hear what Maund is saying. Fair isn't pretty nor popular. In a way he is as 'hard assed' on our politicians as Elaine.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, I read his article. Gads. Talk about poorly done. This is because he is an Englishman and therefore, has little idea about how empires rot and die at their peak. They don't crash after rotting a long time, the crash is very sudden, when they seem the strongest.

Spain: the Great Armada sailed and then Spain went bankrupt virtually the next year. Thereafter, Spain clung to much of its empire but the HOME BASE was invaded repeatedly and the HOME POPULATION fell into deep poverty. Spain became weaker and weaker and only to avoid world wars did the other powers leave it alone.

England was totally destroyed as an empire after 1917. They were bankrupt. They expanded this empire and clung on to their captive provinces. But when other empires challenged this power, England's control collapsed so rapidly, the Germans and Japanese struggled to keep up with the speed of this utter and nearly complete collapse.

The Empire became a client state of the US and today has one of the world's biggest national debts! It is nearly the same size as the US and per capita, is much, much greater.

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