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If Mike Morgan in Florida and Mr Mortgage out in California are right, then the three top issues facing the POTUS will be the economy, the economy and the economy.

As for AIPAC, they help Israel with every problem but demographics. IF you were a Martian and tried to pick the promised land by where the Jews are moving to, Israel might be your 10th pick. Paradoxically the better AIPAC does the more it appears that jews can do well in Israel but they can do better in America. There is obviously no point in a homeland nobody wants to live there.

There are Arabs trying to get the vote out in the municipal elections in Jerusalem because they now have the numbers and the next mayor of Jerusalem could be an Arab. Now wouldn't that be a pretty kettle of fish.

I know that the USA is trying for permanent bases in Iraq but they may be as permanent as Da Nang and Camh Ranh Bay.

If we can avoid (nuclear) war some problems may resolve themselves.

I was watching the documentary "Who killed the electric car?" The squandered opportunity made me want to cry, especially since GM now wants to sell off their Hummer division.

There is good news, there is huge competion between China, Japan, Germany, France, Taiwan. Korea etc to the lower the cost of solar panels. Zheng-Rong Shi , the boss of Suntech says that by 2012 Solar will be as cheap as mains power.

"I still believe in Hope - mostly because there's no such place as Fingers Crossed, Arkansas." Molly Ivins

Elaine Meinel Supkis

China was interested in solar energy back when Madame Mao was running the joint. She tolerated the foreign devil, my dad, to come live in China and start the first solar energy facility there in 1977.


Don't expect any stability in oil prices. Exports from Mexico and Venezuela have collapsed (Mexico down >24% in 1 year). Most of the oil that comes in to the US gulf coast comes from those two sources. Currently there are not enough tankers headed to the gulf ports to meet refineries' needs. They are going to have to bid up oil to get it from somewhere else on the spot market.

Wednesday and Thursday speculators tried to bid down the price of oil. They failed, and commercial buyers stepped in to bring the price back up. There is going to be a short-covering rally today in Nymex futures. After that, oil should back off a bit (short-covering rallies always do that). However, by July 4th, oil prices should be up to around $150, and there is no guarantee the US will be able to get enough oil, even at that price.

This is a serious problem, made more serious by the rising probability of an attack on Iran and the complete failure of people to realize we have an oil supply problem, not an oil speculation problem.


On ANWR...

Kenneth Deffeyes,one of the most prominent
petroleum geologists in the US, is on record
as saying that, at best, ANWR is about a six
month supply of fuel. Its not nearly as big
as the original find of Prudhoe Bay.

"Oil is too valuable to burn". His quote.

We should leave that stuff locked up and
save for future use in pharmaceuticals,or
other more valuable uses than plowing around
with Urban Assault Vehicles.

I've been to ANWR. It takes your breath away.
We should only tamper with such places for
genuine reasons and not so people driving
tanks can go get fat at Applebees.


AIPAC or not, a US president is a very powerful figure indeed. If people are scared enough and he (no longer she, for now) connects with the people, he has more room to maneuver than lobbies would like, more power to ignore past favors and to bite the hands that fed him ( like JFK apparently did to the Mafia), than cynics and pessimists would accept. Nothing wrong with some cynicism, but I remember the communists, back in the 80's saying that presidents don't make any difference. Not true at all. Make the last ten US presidents alternatively ten FDRs, ten Reagans, or ten Bobby Kennedys, see if you get the same country (America would not even survive past five or six G. W. Bushes, for example).
The belief that everything is perfectly tied up by the elites, while disheartening, is satisfyingly simple, Manichean in an almost childish way. Yet the amount of money and pressure going into getting the right candidate, betrays the insecurity of that very elite, whose claim to power, at the end of the day, are little scribbles on pieces of paper, or even worse, electronic bits. Put a charismatic leader with a clear vision ("the vision thing") and an angry confused mass, and watch all laws, properties, privileges, ruling dynasties, offshore accounts, private armies,the media, the Fed, you name it, watch it all be swept aside. Society is but a collective deal, a collective illusion. Provide a new more satisfying illusion to guide them in dark times and all power constructs are crushed, not because they are not strong enough, but because they never had any solidity to begin with. It could be a revolution towards the collective origins, like Ron Paul intended, or something more destructive.
That said, Obama is too intelligent to be truly charismatic, like Reagan was, and too intelligent to simply rush forward blindly, like Reagan did, when the multiple scenarios with clearly assessed risks and costs are played out in his head. Two limitations to perhaps be grateful for. For all of Reagan's undeniable success in ending the Cold War, play out ten parallel universe scenarios with Reagan facing down the USSR and at least one of them will end up, by mere accumulation of risks, with the world being blown up to bits. We were lucky.
Obama's political strategies will have to involve, if he is to effect any lasting change, outsmarting the collective intelligence of those profiting from the current deal. I wish him luck.


Well said, B.A.!

Bokonon: I couldn't agree more, on all your points. Regarding the electric car debacle, and its related quandries around ANWR, solar power, etc. ... The writing has been clear on the wall for a long time now. The fact that companies like GM "failed to adapt" only reveals how much they truly care. Even though they claim all of this is news to them, they're lying through their teeth, as that doc, and countless other evidence, shows. I don't know how many bald-faced lies "the people" will take, but I expect it has something to do with this:

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

As much as we like to characterize "Joe Sixpack" as apathetic and lazy, and attribute these traits to things like mass media and other forms of Soma, we should remember these words, and that this is a safety valve of our collective consciousness.


And citizens of Amerika should be really steamed about this: "Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih said the United States wanted its forces to operate without any restrictions, but this was not acceptable to Iraq.
"What I can confirm now, with no hesitation, is that there will not be freedom of movement for American (forces) in Iraq," Salih told Arabiya television."
But they wont be. No one will hear it or much care


Reagan ended the Cold War .All by his little oL seff? And spending ourselves to oblivion and Rock and Roll had NO say in the matter?
This embarassing phrase is right up there with (To the sound of DEEP announcers bellow )" The United States , the Last remaining super power on earth". Do you know how many people cringe with embarassment when they hear us say those things about ourselves?
Remeber "Shock and Awe" - My god I just cringed when I heard that. Oh Ya...they were REALLY awed.


DP, embarrassment is always a risk when speaking in a public forum. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

By himself? Surely not. Pivotal, in that a different president would not have done so, I believe he was. That was my point. As for the Soviet Union and the Cold War, I'd say that for every one Soviet nostalgic there's more than one who would rather not go back to those days. Specially now that Russia feels strong again.I refer only to those who lived inside the system, not to romantic outsiders.

The Cold War was a dangerous game, maybe you forgot what it was like, the constant threat of nuclear obliteration over "escalating tension", a misunderstanding or a simple mistake. I'm happy those days are over. Credit where credit is due. Unfortunately, the American empire did not dismantled itself as a result. It still might. It would be a good lesson for the ages, the two mighty empires, defeated by bankruptcy, in two short decades, one after the other.

Whether America headed for bankruptcy and aggressive unilateralism after 1991 is a different matter. It certainly wasn't bankrupt then. Drunk with power? Maybe.

As for "Shock and Awe", well, it's a variation on "Terror", is it not? The only difference is that one attempts to destroy the enemy's will to fight by the display of overwhelming force,the other with random, unexpected strikes. Either way, victory through fear.

Shock and Awe is the rich man's terrorism; terrorism, the poor man's B-52.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

As I expected, oil shot up due to AIPAC. For this alone, the average American should be up in arms. But they don't even know that AIPAC even exists. Much less, controls a lot of our media, our 'representatives' and our fates.

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