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Elaine, you do not seem to have been disappeared by the media to the extent you thought. I bought a new computer and had to find all my favorite spots on the web again. I typed 'elaine' into Google and your name was in the top of the suggestions.


The assholes at MyDD just kicked me to the curb. I can be petty. I think My moribund "Vote Nader" project will go HOT now. I already have all the connections for that lined right up now. Anybody need leads on that, just mention it!

We had a 700 person "gender reassignment" demonstration in Northampton three days ago. 700 people certainly implies Agency infiltration. Just in time for the elections! Don't these kids understand about the need to operate as small cells? More Chomsky victims!

The trucker's strike in Spain is about to go global, so stock up on lentils, black eye peas, brown rice, and camper-store chlorine water sterilization tabs. Filters, maybe.

The heat is twice as hot here in the Connecticut River Valley than it is in the hills. We are just totally wilted. Bring on the storms!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Very violent storms last night. All of them missed my farm due to the configuration of the mountains. The very violent lightning blew out the power in the entire upper Taconic valley. So I sat by the windows to watch the amazing fire fly display competing with the frequent lightning bolts.

Nature is funny how something as tiny as an insect can openly compete with some of the bigger natural forces.


"And one of the teats of tit ..."

"I do wish our 'experts' had bigger brains than an addlepated hen hit by a shovel."

Elaine, I don't tell I love you often enough.


It's official here west of the cascades in Washington state: the coldest spring ever on record. Weather extremism is getting to be a theme everywhere it seems. Only busted out the short pants ONCE so far and it's the middle of June.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Right, Roberto! And here we had a hard frost only 11 days ago and then broke 100 year old records for heat!

And the fireflies are mating. In very early June? A month early!


Here is something handy for those cool evenings on the farm. ;-)

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