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Hello Elaine:

There have been some articles in Der Speigel outlining a theory that Israel is getting ready to attack Iran.,1518,559925,00.html

I was curious if you agree with the premise of the article and what you believe the probability of a strike against Iran might be.



Elaine, in the Philippines premium unleaded is now (the equivalent) of $4.98 per gallon. Prices have been ratchetting up 5%, weekly. That's 3rd World prices (our government prefers 2nd World).

In N.Y. it is averaging $4.08/gallon. The U.S. average is $4.09/gallon ( You guys still have a ways to go, and believe me "they" will bring it on!

It never ceases to amaze how your fellow American can unconscionably manipulate and calibrate these prices. The U.S. and European commodity traders are doing more damage to the U.S. and European peoples than China, Japan, and Russia put together.

In fact while it is arguable how China's financing of US debt is leveraging America, the truth is, it is how the US government chooses to use that debt (for war rather than rebuilding) that has the country in a pickle. They use Iran as the reason to starve and run Americans out of their homes.

The same guys who outsourced all the American jobs to China and India. The same guys who import "their tainted and toxic products" into the U.S without quality controlling their outsourced products. The lack of clarity is blinding. Perhaps it is is time to redefine terrorism!

Amerika needs someone like Guy Fawkes to wake it up.


"Let us think and hope that this is the last time there will ever be another dollar spent without constraints, without conditions, without direction," — Nancy Pelosi, after the Democrats (generally speaking) contributed 162 BILLION for WAR. Here's how they all voted:

The first dope dealer who makes it past the Capitol door will be permanently extremely wealthy.

I can't see why the people at so many blogs go on supporting Obama. Will he filibuster? I don't think so. I will go for Nader and the Greens, etc. Enough already. This is $162 BILLION MORE for what? For what?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The gatekeepers are still the mainstream media. They have near total mind control. Several times in my life I have watched even violent anti-war sentiment that is severe yet no one running for President dares stop any of our resource wars!

Bush can be totally unpopular but still, he gets covered and protected by big business and the media. Anyone who has even the slightest hint of not being 'controlled' by big money is DITCHED OR KILLED. So we end up with Warmonger #1 and Warmonger #2 and both rush to embrace all the Daddy Warbucks and the central bankers who want wars and debts to be eternal.

And this is why ALL empires go bankrupt.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Israel has launched several 'pre-emptive' wars and they are the beating heart of the Apocalypse. Which will happen if millions and millions of people want a Final Battle. And history tells us, 'If people want a Final Battle they will get a Final Battle.' History is a bitch.


I saw their true nature when working for their "companies." For some strange reason, the "general manager" of the company was quite visible behind a glass window between his office and the lunchroom. He had started, they said, carting stuff around in a wheelbarrow, and gravitated up the ranks. He could not have been the least bit like a guy with a wheelbarrow. He was then a total corporate bog, essentially a machine. I see that in Obama. It's just there. He puts on a mask, but it can be seen through.

Like you say, if he rebelled even slightly he would be ditched or killed. In fact one of the vice presidents actually got shot to death on a golf course. Bang! Dead! We had a "minute of total silence in the company. Shit if I had been electrocuted plugging in one of their 440 Volt machines, there would just be, well nothing. I always knew the guy had not been shot for playing golf, but I was much younger. Jordan Maxwell said it in Zeitgeist, (something like) "Once you begin to seek the truth, you see lies everywhere... You've got to seek the truth, and know the truth, and the truth will set you free." Must not be too many out there seeking the truth! I think there are many more these days than when I was younger. BushCo has really opened the old curtain. But they seem not used to the truth. I am afraid most only see the truth when they are about to die, if even then. The real trick is to resist death. Most Americans, in particular, are not used to dealing with that!


Its amazing how truly caring and idealistic people change when
they enter the American political system. The system is like
the Borg in Star Trek. It takes them in its slithery, steamy embrace
and they emerge like zombies.

The best comparison I can think of is that ultimate horror movie,
"The Invasion of the Body Snatchers". Its no surprise that this movie came out of the conforming 50's and it has to reflect the state of mind of America then---and now. The movie touches a huge subconscious fear of Americans today that in a very deep way a lot of our friends and family are more loyal to the powers that be instead of eachother.

Power, unless checked, has to be an evil terrifying thing. It devours people that enter its proximity and often wrecks all ties
to people that were "left behind".I see this a lot in my job. People that were once quite decent people suddenly become remote
and inacessible once they went into a higher position in the food
chain. Especially a management one. I had a very good friend that
I used to do a lot of climbing with--Rainier,Baker,etc etc. Once
he entered management the friendship vanished like water on
the road in Death Valley.


I've seen just exactly that, Gary.

I know that routine by heart! The truth is that people who get "promoted" are really expected to abandon their "un-promoted" friends. This social atomization is reinforced in just about every venue of life. In fact, you probably would not be communicating with me in the real world. This is the internet. I am somewhat old, a former electronics geek. It scares the hell out of me that that entire profession virtually does not exist here anymore. You could still go to school for it, but that would probably not be smart. Fixing electronic stuff really pushes the envelope of your imagination.

Anyway, many psycho-therapists, AA-type operations, cults, and advisers of all kinds will tell people to throw their friends overboard. Once you do that, you lose part of yourself. Maybe most people have done it. In a way, that is really an excellent reason to know some people who have never been "promoted." They have a kind of strength you don't find everywhere.


Your articles today are so F*^7ing brilliant I am speechless!



Your comments on gold are just as clueless as your articles about so called Peak Oil



Your comments on gold are just as cleuless as your comments on so called Peak oil

uk taxpayer

Fact is the five dollar tumble in the price of oil, could not be sustained, so the recycled threat about the israeli shenanigans, and up, the price jumps.

hans blink

Dear John
Your statement "Your comments on gold are just as cleuless as your comments on so called Peak oil" implies you know better. Can I ask you to tell us what you know or the old expression "Shut up or put up"


Hans, I second your motion. While we can agree to disagree, we do so respectfully. As the proverbial saying goes, an empty can makes a lot of noise. So enlighten us John, you have the floor!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Everyone tries to develop a system of beliefs. Then they cling to it no matter what. I go out of my way to explain my own take on reality. This clashes with belief systems of many sorts set up by OPERATORS WHO ARE SELLING STUFF.

The sites online that talk about gold nearly always are SELLING GOLD. I am selling nothing. So they LIE about a lot of things. Or express cluelessness when things happen. THIS IS DELIBERATE. This is why one should visit anti as well as pro whatever sites!

I expect readers to look at all sides of an issue. I can be wrong about things and I read comments to learn things. Readers send me links via email and I look at them and try to learn things.

But I don't want to paint myself into a corner with a belief system that renders events meaningless. For example, gold sellers are sweating bullets trying to convince their victims that gold is a great 'investment'.

IT IS NOT. It can suddenly rise in value and when it does this, it is a good indicator that interest rates must go up. But if you look at it as a store of value between bubbles---and it has bubbles just like so many other things---it is a very poor store of value compared to other things. It can't even reflect inflation properly.

We see this very clearly: people buy gold WHEN THEY HAVE SAVINGS. When savings are impossible due to inflation of necessities, gold drops in price just like houses, cars, Wall Street, etc. The 1970's gold rush was unique because the price of gold was 'off the markets' from 1933 to 1974. Then it was suddenly released and all the pent of value shot upwards.

The last 5 years of gold's rise was a bubble due to it sopping up a lot of the extra cash churned out by the Bank of Japan and the Federal Reserve. But now buying oil is sucking down all this cash!

Peak Oil: so many people want to imagine that it means 'no oil'. This is stupid. Peak oil is when HALF of the oil has been consumed OR discovered. It is when there is the MOST oil.

The presumed oil in the ground being touted as 'great finds' end up being far, far, far less than the Saudi finds from 1940-1980. And much of these 'finds' are in very difficult to reach places. When the ice melts in Antarctica and Greenland, both will reveal to have lots and lots of oil and gas.

But why must we consume all of this as fast as possible? This is so nasty and greedy of our generation, when the Real Dark Ages commence, our future generations will curse our names. Anyone who believes there is NO peak ever are crazy.

The high prices today are still political: war talk, war mongering raise the price of oil again and again. But this is a great opportunity for us to wean our society off of dependence on fossil fuels. We must take this time and use it wisely, not stupidly.

By the way, this was a standard part of my 'Hubbert Oil Peak' speeches I gave back in 1974.


The Gnomes are very busy cranking out money and having sex parties, so they sometimes get a little lazy when writing future history, so they just recycle old history tricks every 60 years after the folks who actually experienced it are dying off or senile.

I have helped them here doing a cut-and-paste of an awesome period of wealth consolidating starting at the 15th birthday party of the Federal Reserve creation.

1. Stock Market Crash of (2008)
Many believe erroneously that the stock market crash that occurred on Black Tuesday, (August 28, 2008) (magik 08282008) is one and the same with the Great Depression. In fact, it was one of the major causes that led to the Great Depression. Two months after the original crash in (August), stockholders had lost more than ($4000) billion dollars. Even though the stock market began to regain some of its losses, by the end of (2009), it just was not enough and America truly entered what is called the Great Depression.

2. Bank Failures
Throughout 2009 over 9,000 banks failed. Bank deposits were uninsured (when the FDIC
collapsed) and thus as banks failed people simply lost their savings. Surviving banks,
unsure of the economic situation and concerned for their own survival, stopped being as willing to create new loans. This exasperated the situation leading to less and less expenditures.

3. Reduction in Purchasing Across the Board
With the stock market crash and the fears of further economic woes, individuals from all classes stopped purchasing items. This then led to a reduction in the number of items produced and thus a reduction in the workforce. As people lost their jobs, they were unable to keep up with paying for items they had bought through installment plans and their items were repossessed. More and more inventory began to accumulate. The unemployment rate rose above 25% which meant, of course, even less spending to help alleviate the economic situation.

4. American Economic Policy with (China)
As businesses began failing, the government created the (McCain-Lieberman) Tariff in
(2009) to help protect American companies. This charged a high tax for imports thereby
leading to less trade between America and foreign countries along with some economic retaliation.

5. Drought Conditions
While not a direct cause of the Great Depression, the (flooding) that occurred in the Mississippi Valley in (2008) was of such proportions that many could not even pay their taxes or other debts and had to sell their farms for no profit to themselves. This was the topic of (Elaine's Culture of Life News).


OMG, I just realized that 08282008 is the last day of the Democratic Convention in Black Helicopter Denver.

Every wonder why American's are not figuring this out?


i have posted my remarks and URL links that support my arguement but Elaine is not better than the rest because it goes smakc against her silly anti-gold and Peak Oil nonsense

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Gk, good. You notice it is a magic number day. Yup.

Peter, when you have many links the Typepad robot that prevents spam deletes the message EVEN IF IT IS FROM ME! I have no control over it at all.

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