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geoffery battams

i hope that bush tries a bit harder to help the victims of gustav but somehow i doubt it this time there will be even less resources being used. i have been telling my relatives for ages to stock up food and torches and weapons but they cant acept what i am saying .i have brought wind up lanterns portable gas cooker tins of food bags of rice porride etc a sheridan 20.air rifle weireuch hw 95 177.a longnet to catch rabitts with a new bike with led lights we have spent about 1200 dollars on food and about another 1500dollars on weaponry and extras 6x40 scopes gunslips ammo fishing rods etc and for all that money there is not a lot to show for it bad times are comeing but at least i have the knowledge to hunt and to fish.i have talked to my relatives untill i am blue in the face but they just wont listen .bad times are comeing and people in big cities are really going to suffer i would urge every one stock up with food

Elaine Meinel Supkis

You see, New Orleans has been pretty much cleared out of most of the population the GOP wanted out. So NOW they will save the 'good' population. This was naked ethnic cleansing.


I just saw one of Mccinsane's advisors say with a straight face on national TV "Jhn Mccain has a very strong record of being sympathetic to natural disasters" How the fuck can this reprobrate say this when Katrina was decimating New Orleans Mccinsane and GW were eating birthday cake laughing and hugging each other. Insanity has totally taken over politics and media. The sooner it all destroys itself the better off we will all be.


Maybe the "Drunk" will get it right the
second time, Failed Katrina policies that
included buying 145,000 trailors that
couldnt be used in a Flood Zone (great job
FEMA). Now I know why this country carriers
a deficit. Poor savings and spending habits
through our govt. We wont even talk about
Pentagon Procurements, which is in the
BILLIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

By the way, I lived in a tent for TEN YEARS. On a mountain in the north, in WINTER too. People have amazing ability to survive. My son grew up in this tent and was a better person for it. We didn't have electricity until Year 8, for example. Running water was when we moved faster than a walk while carrying a bucket.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Humans are very flexible with living arrangements. We are rather spoiled in this society. About McCain caring about anything: he doesn't give a hoot.

Both he and Bush claimed they had NO IDEA that the hurricane was destroying New Orleans because neither man was watching. McCain was hosting a golf tourney! Fools. Both fools. They don't need a white house, they need a white tent....and put that in Alaska.

Blunt Force Trauma

Bush: No to convention, plans Gustav trip to Texas

'Bush said he had been assured that New Orleans' levees are "stronger than they have ever been," but that there is a "serious risk of significant flooding" across the Gulf Coast, especially in that city.'

Holy double-speak, brought to you by the 'Decider Guy In Thief'.

Blunt Force Trauma

Skeletor is on his way. Oh, goodie. Proabaly to sign the eugenics papers of those who'll be left behind to face Gustav.

Blunt Force Trauma

Sorry to promote another website, Elaine. is all over Gustav:

Hurricane Gustav, Energy Infrastructure and Updated Damage Models

Blunt Force Trauma

Gustav/GOM water temps. Elaine is correct in suggesting that this is 'bathtub water'.

As of 11am this morning, Gustav was a category 3 with winds at 150 MPH.


September 1, 2008. Gustave is closing in on New Orleans. Probably it's a category 5+. It's been wobbling around the Gulf for days, with plenty of time to pick up force.

The oil issue is going to be outlandish. I hear people in the South simply cannot buy any oil (a rumor)!


Ike (the reincarnation of the late Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower) is headed for Texas and could wipe out a good many oil rigs and close down a lot of refineries, especially in Houston! Seems he is pissed off at our (especially our real rulers') embrace of the Military Industrial Complex. Without oil, that complex just won't run. Heh.

On an aside note, a big oil, contract-letting, gifts, gratuities, sex and drugs scandal just broke at the Denver office of the Dept. of the Interior. Why didn't this include Bush and a young, hot male with a bald or shaven head??? I'm sure he's not consorting with Pickles these days!!! Anyway, the warmongering NYT article's linked on my blog.

oilfield equipment

lets hope another hurricane does not come. This will destroy the u.s.

Diamond Core Drill

I hope that bush tries a bit harder to help the victims of gustav but somehow i doubt it this time there will be even less resources being used.

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