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Fascinating topic. Like you I was an accelerated child, though not genius level (tested @ 135, give or take) I felt I did not always fit in even if was quite personable. Perhaps it was a slowed growth of maturity. I grew up and developed a belief that my wonderfully intelligent and loving parents (my father has a degree in psych. with emphasis in adolescent deviant behavior) who worked so hard to create the “perfect environment” (dr. spock etc.) perhaps in some ways did me a disservice. I do not look back at this with discontent, but wonder what the optimal upbringing is? Or does it matter when considering this new information?
I think that there is no doubt that your comment about the increase in size of families from different backgrounds, dare I say uneducated and religious, is factual. This Darwinian regression away from the “intelligent” gene certainly gives me pause. Beyond that, the concept of the “dumbing of America” must also be considered from both a political and a sociological view (read cutting education etc. funding). Going one step further I think one must only look to the Nixon tapes where his views are shown with such pearls as “those damn intellectuals” and what he tried/did to them to realize that the only difference between extreme right wing views in Cambodia, Nazi Germany, or Stalinist Russia was the lack of a totalitarian system. Wait a minute, “Dumbya” is worse than “ Tricky Dick” and he has NO checks and balances thanks to the “a republican can do no wrong” legacy left to us by “Ray Gun”!

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