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I think you are probably right, but we will probably just have to wait for (hopefully) more evidence. Amazing how childish researchers can be when there is only a small amount of evidence and pet theories are at stake.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I once had the joy of drawing pictures of some of the original Leaky bones when they were in NYC back 25 years ago!

It is much better to see them up close than photos. But I know how to do photo comparisons and in this case, it is very striking. I had to think about it for 24 long hours before beginning drawing pictures.

The portrait is based on the actual skull. My son and I discussed the shape of the muscles and eyes and how much subcultaneous fat to put on.

I made her hair reddish because nearly all Asian jungle dwellers end up that color because of the nature of the dense jungles. Red, that is. So they can SEE each other when looking for each other which is why jungle birds are so amazingly colorful.


Hey! Great illustration and commentary. One thing- you have a Homo Habilis skull pictured above (not Homo Erectus).

Larry Daley


If one follows the South American and Caribbean mythos of prehistory, the Hobbit might well be the Jigüe.

Were this correct, then the hair should be black straight and long.

Daley, Larry 2005 Parks and Protected Areas The Riverine Gallery Forests: the chill abode of the Jigüe. Cuba in Transition 15, 221-234.

I would like permission to use and modify your image to fits that of the Jigüe.

Larry Daley
Professor Emeritus
[email protected]

Hobbits_are_a_d.. Super :)

manolo blahnik

So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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I smell the taste of wine. see you! "We do not talk more that day. We stood up, shook his hand and eye lookedeach and so on. Bees were shut out, but came to backhesitatingly.


You refer to the Homo habilis skull (erectus above) as being more "apian" than the Homo floresiensis skull. However "apian" means bee-like, not ape-like

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Count not your chickens before they are hatched.

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