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Peter Nielsen

As I explain in (paper 5 page 6 of) my ebook at :

. . . evolutionary considerations AND homo sapiens evolving in AA Africa, coming “Out of [AA] Africa”, not “Out of [IR] Asia”, page 5, imply a corollary:

Conventions are very much a product of sexual selection. Sexual selection has thus evidently been more important than natural selection in evolution of homo sapiens, in contrast to evolution of homo erectus, where natural selection may have been more important than sexual selection.”

New to paleo-archaeological debates, I see how the field is unnecessarily diminished by the historical division between “out of Africa” and “regionalist” camps, in the Homo floresiensis discussion for example.

Human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)/Y-chromosome phylogeography shows very strongly that homo sapiens came “out of Africa”. But such explanation is generally too totalistic.

Both sides tend to illogically totalise, fail to mention or see that, while homo sapiens and the hominid genus almost certainly came “out of Africa”, Homo Erectus probably came out of Asia (Kohn 2006). Some homo erectus ancestors and other hominids may also have come “out of Asia”.

Kohn writes: “homo erectus materialised almost simultaneously in Africa, east Asia and a point in between . . . and that the dates do not rule out the possibility that homo erectus evolved in Asia.”

This difference between homo erectus, homo sapiens centres of endemism is not only true, it is also very telling, has those homo sapiens sexual selection implications.

REFERENCE: KOHN M. 2006. New Scientist. 2558, 1 July 2006, p35, p39.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Hi, Peter!

True that many sorts of homo erectus and other hominids DID evolve independently all over the place.

But HOMO SAPIENS came out of a tribe in Africa. Whenever Homo SAPIENS met anyone who was a different species in the hominid group, they killed them!

This continues to this day which is why all the great apes are rapidly dying out. We are literally killing them or using them for medical experiments or entertainments.


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