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"My parents just disowned me yet again because I am in a huge dispute with them over the issue of where humans evolved. They, like many people who are believers that Africans are inferior humans (gahhhh!), want to imagine that "superior" white (sic) humans evolved in Asia completely seperate from the Africans and we are not very related at all."

Your parents believe some wierd shit. That there was a separate human evolution in Asia is definitely a nonstandard view.

See, e.g., Cavalli-Sforza(1993, English trans. 1995): The Great Human Diasporas.


Elaine have you seen this?,1518,419441,00.html

Elaine Meinel Supkis

When HOMOSAPIENS came out of Africa 120,000 years ago, they displaced all other humanoid populations. This includes Asian. Period.

I know many want to dispute this but look, either one is "homosapiens" or one isn't. I have never heard that the Chinese Han are another species that evolved from some other stock.

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