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Cats do the dead mouse thing with their kittens. Fluff is trying to teach you to catch mice. You are a very poor study but he will not give up. Cats are more patient than humans. He would beat you at Go but he is too serious to play games.


"Some of us are doomed to keep on learning. This can be an increasing burden as the years pass. I know that keeping up with computer technology and fresh interfaces is very daunting."

But you have to keep doing it. Learning new things - preferably complicated things - is an excellent way to stay sharp as time passes, hopefully to avoid drooling old age.

This is why there is always an interesting book in my briefcase for lunchtime reading. Currently we are working away at "Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems". Sprightly stuff! Moves right along.

Our cats don't "patrol", thank you. You know what they say: dogs have owners, cats have staff.

Dog: "These people feed me and pet me. They must be gods."

Cat: "These people feed me and pet me. I must be a god."


This must be why my parents have so much trouble wrapping there heads around "peak oil". Their wisdom from the 70's tells them that everything will be just fine. I find this alot in most older people I talk too about the subject. It's so far out of their comfort zone of thought and experience that they cannot think about it. Too bad, because they vote in droves for other mush brains.


"Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems"

(sigh) I usually just go for the turkey on rye for lunch, but I do remove the fake piece of swiss cheese. Would this be a differential equation or a boundary value problem? Do you know?

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