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Great article, Elaine. Many are completely unaware of the endless interconnectiveness of all living things these days.

We really know very little about the world around us -- only enough to survive. Perhaps that is all we were ever meant to know in this World.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

It was a fun cartoon to draw, too. Heh.


Yeah tell me about it DeVaul. I know thousands of things I was never even meant to begin to know. On the other hand, the wisdom of not-knowing is the entrance to shamen. That was a damn thoughtful comment, DeVaul. I would never expect to see it on 99% of the blogs I visit.

By the way, my entire theory of anti-grammar (on depends on the notion of an active system of "arbitration" among radically conflicting system of logic (I am very partial to second order logic — it works like magic — though it's all unprovable Godel-wise). That's to say, you just cannot produce a Euclidean axiom system (as exists in inorganic chemistry) in a natural set of systems like a molecular biological system, because such systems have logically incompatible structures that must be mediated by heuristic, not axiomatic, mechanisms. (In biochemistry, such incompatible systems are mediated by very proactive nucleic acid/ protein calculators. Silicon based computers are way behind in this respect.) Of course, Chomsky and the rest of the non-theorists are continuing to look for axiom systems in language. Lots of luck!


Those two cats have "classic" written all over them!


But which brain-wasting parasite is it that is affecting W. ? ;)


No ordinary parasite! It's the bloody Reptilians!!!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The parasite is called 'The Devil that is Death' by the Skull and Bones. Note how Kerry is also afflicted with it.


We once had a black cat named Pearl. She was a harlot. Management always names her black cats after singers. We had Satchmo, too.

It is a wonder I am not crazy.

larry, dfh

Dogs seem to me to be the descendants of coyotes rather than wolves.


You have a cat, don't you, Elaine?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I have four cats. Heh.


Nice read. I got a good chuckle out of the 'animals tripping you up to get a look at when you were angry at just one,' bit.

It was very interesting to read about that parasite..

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This's weirda! I think that I need to bring some cats home! lol

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Curiosity killed the cat.

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