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Elaine Meinel Supkis

No sooner do I post a story which mentions the new super-bug, MRSA, than it makes the news online tonight!

Supergerm spreading rapidly in Canada

A superbug that causes infections from large, boil-like lesions to hemorrhagic pneumonia and, in rare cases, flesh-eating disease is poised to "emerge in force" across Canada, a new report warns.

While the prospect of a flu pandemic has governments scrambling to develop emergency plans, an epidemic of community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or CA-MRSA, is raging in the U.S. and beginning to entrench itself here, infectious disease experts report today in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.


New Canadian guidelines to control MRSA recommend regular hand washing, covering any draining skin lesion and not sharing potentially contaminated personal articles. Doctors are urged to report suspected outbreak to public health authorities and to limit the use of antibiotics, because their over-use drives resistance.

A vain attempt at closing the barn door long after the four horses of the Apocalpyse have galloped away.

mark abbott

Well, now we know why the Cheneys are so keen on hand sanitizer!

I'm told the feeling among many First Peoples/Native Americans is that the Earth is trying to (at best) bring us to heel or (at worst) shrug us off Her. And She's got just the chops to do it!


I have been telling people for years that we absolutely must eliminate the giant concrete pyramids to 'medical science' that we call hospitals, and replace them with temporary wooden structures that we can burn down every other year. That is the only possible way to get rid of some of the germs.

And I have been insisting that all civilian aviation must be outlawed. If there was a smallpox outbreak, we would have no more than three days to shut it all down. So why wait for that?

And, by the way, the only real winners in any war are, you guessed it, germs.

I once made a pilgrimage to the UMass department of biochemistry to officially inform them that they were completely insane. I wonder if that little footnote lingers somewhere in their archives.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Sort of 'Germs of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your host's biomass'?


Here's an interesting link for all you pessimists who think it's all going straight to hell. Happy reading!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I went there, Smith. What a MESSY site. Gads. Couldn't they redesign it a tad to make it look better and work better? It was also very repetitious. And jamming all the names, one after another, in a big box?

GAHHHH. Embarrassing. One would think a bunch of geniuses could do better.

Seriously, it is a big site that has been around forever and it is a victim of its age, namely, it doesn't keep up with latest trends in computer interfacing. Do note all the major media updates their sites regularily. They change a lot over the years. In two years, my site has changed and continues to evolve.

Anyone talking about futuristic stuff and technology should be braver about changing themselves. So many techie sites have this same problem. I feel like I am in a time machine when I visit them.


"What a MESSY site."

I couldn't agree more.

That having been said... did you read any of it?

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Jake Martin

Well basically found this site while I was comparing and contrasting different Homo Erectus skulls that could be found on google images. My eye really caught the image this site used to represent a "Homo Erectus" for it looked very primitive to be labeled as Erectus. In reality it is way too morphologically similar to Homo Habilis skulls just by glancing at it with this simple picture. Homo Habilis is the commonly believed ancestor to erectus. I think it can be even read at the bottom right of the jaw that it is even in fact labeled "Homo Habilis"!

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