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larry, dfh

It's pretty obvious to me that our behavior is identical to the cannibalistic chimps. What happened to those who 'came from' the Pinobos?
Iirc there was a culture in India thousands of years ago that was based on arts and intellect. It was wiped out.


Well, I figured out that people who have autism basically have a erroneous mapping in their brains. And the social instincts are way too complex to be constructed by the genome. So, the genome builds a brain that unzips the highly compressed instincts in the genome. An erroneous mapping in the brain could block that process, and such a person might not be able to unzip the instincts. Therefor, such a person could not comprehend the signals given by others.

Sometimes, people with mild autism get a little better in time, and eventually unravel the code. But by that time, they may have experienced raw reality, without the shielding that is provided by the social instincts. They may be among the few who know about things that exist outside the matrix.

Biologists have observed that chimpanzees tend to be very aggressive and vicious, while gorilla's tend to be fairly docile. Bonobos are fairly docile also. Humans seem rather aggressive.

It was long thought that neurons are permanent fixtures that would never be replenished. We know that is not quite the case, now. Singing birds, for instance, have special neurons to play their songs. And these song neurons die after the mating season, but are replenished just prior to the next mating season. Finches are great singers. The bright yellow finches sing beautifully. Cardinals are also singing finches, and the males grow their bright red feathers just before mating season. After spring, they grow brown feathers. Canaries are tropical finches that often sing all year.


Your backyard bird inventory sounds like ours. The red-winged blackbirds showed up here a couple of weeks ago - have they made it to upstate NY yet?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

They come next month, Smith. So, you have commie birds too? We even have cardinals who are Catholic commies (gads, I hope you can see the humor here).

Blues: very good thinking. Perhaps you are right. When the harmones change with puberty, many things kick in that are not around when younger. This affects the brain and the emotions. Puberty is all about sex.

D. F. Facti

Better to have snow cover along with the below zero nonsense. R/W blackbirds have been back for about 3 weeks. Cowbirds within the last week. Tufted titmice - maybe 2 weeks - altho they stay all winter - just didn't hang at the feeder.

Mr. Cardinal is feeding "Mrs." Cardinal.

We have, as well, a beaver, a raccoon, hawks and snadhill cranes.

Also a rat at a nearby drainage ditch. Not cool.


I know where Colleen can get a job hearding cats ...

Yeah, right, Fluff, make like a tree trunk. Maybe the bird will walk right into your mouth.


Right now we're waiting for the warblers to begin migrating. My wife is an excellent warbler-identifier; yellow-throated, chestnut-sided, Magnolia... she has 'em down. (I can't tell the little fuckers apart, myself...)


"They come next month, Smith. So, you have commie birds too? We even have cardinals who are Catholic commies."

Don't forget scarlet tanagers - the opposite color scheme to the redwinged blackbirds.

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