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The Eucharist ritual of the Catholic Mass is, to me, nothing but a cannabilistic desire diverted into something socially and theologically acceptable. Cloaked as spirituality, it is nevertheless a rather morbid event: "Take, eat, this is my body. Drink, this is my blood." Ugh.


""Cloaked as spirituality, it is nevertheless a rather morbid event...""

Why am I not surprised, Dali?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yummy. Jesus wafers for lunch! With a wine chaser!

I always wondered why we couldn't drink a whole bottle at communion and then tear off our clothes and chase goats around Mt. Olympus.

First, the golden apples to Pegasus, though.


Killing, eating, raping, and annihilating our sister species has been on my mind a lot lately...

Ever read "Clan of the Cave Bear"?


At least, it seems Mr. Neandertal gave us modern mankind a hard time: we started 'out of Africa' about 75000 years ago, arrived at Australia ca. 50000 years BP (before present) - but it took another 15000 years to firmly set foot into that Europe just around the corner.

The pathological idea of knowledge as something to incorporate ( Was du schwarz auf weiß besitzt, kannst du getrost nach Hause tragen, Goethe's mockery) is still firmly influential - and utterly nonsense.

But if - the word is beyond your capabilities, you may resort to your abilities - and try incorporate the speaker. (The beginning of John's gospel could make more sense than expected.)

So the hypothesis is: the history and remembrance of this struggle with Mr. Neandertal is preserved in western habits, and as virulent as 30000 years ago.




bullsh*t, we killed them end of story!


I majored in Anthropology so I have thought about this a lot.

Let me use Homo Sapiens or HS instead of humans. "Humans" is so hmm, personal.

HS are omnivores which means they eat everything from bugs to bovine. HS also do not like to eat live food so they have to kill it first. So they kill everything. As we all know HS will strip an ecosystem bare consuming every resource.

Neanderthals on the other hand had lived for 150 thousand years an NEVER outstripped an environment. In order to live they had to consume but the evidences shows they lived in harmony with their environment, and were NOT omnivores. They ate very specific foods. Strangely specific really.

If you give a psychological profile to such a people it would be: very superstitious, very religious, non-flexible, and a non-aggressive/passive temperament.

In a resource conflict, Neanderthals would have been very unlikely to kill humans and would never have eaten them. This alone means less Neanderthals every year.

Humans have been successful up to this point, exactly because they kill and eat everything they wish to. The better you can kill and the more things you can use for sustenance, the more likely your offspring will be to survive. We are the best killers Earth has ever produced. We have nearly consumed the whole planet so how is it that we were so tremendously different way back when? We were not. We were simply doing what our genes told us to do and we have always done it so very very well.


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I may be wrong, but I don't think this is a question which has a
simple, scientific answer. Science isn't always good at "why"
questions. Spiders have eight legs because their ancestors had eight
legs. Nature's tendency toward bilateral symmetry makes an even number
of legs a "given," but the abstract concept of a functional spider
doesn't absolutely require eight legs, rather than six or ten or
twelve. Eight legs is just what they've got.


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I guess they already proved what really happen. Even dinosaurs had the dilemma at this age.

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Let's just leave it as history.

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