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Neuro Artist

Apparently the monkeys in India have learned the concept of money. They steal wallets and then they deliver them to shopowners who give them bananas in return. I heard about this while I was in Rajahstan ages ago. Probably the Rothschilds reincarnated ancestors. I'll predict next genaration of monkeys in India will invent all kinds of strange banana investment vehicles.

I was actually attacked by a monkey in India while I was carrying a packet of biscuits openly (a very naive thing to do among monkeys), it all of a sudden jumped up on my leg and showed its teeth quite agressively. But I whacked it! I hadn't thought about that for a long long time before you brought this thread up.

It's interesting that all these staunch republican monkeys (I guess Tucker is one). Believes that it is a democrat tactic to complain about the thrashing of the US constitution. I guess that is one reason Ron Paul isn't too much in media these days.


"Today, the news in India is about a monkey troop that killed the deputy mayor of New Delhi."

Hilarious (for anyone who's not the late deputy mayor of New Delhi.)

"Anyway, replacing the present monkey population with ones that are even nastier would be a very bad idea."

If people would put that reincarnation nonsense aside and put a price on monkeys the problem would go away overnight.

Humans reswpond to incentives: at 10 rupees each you'd have dead monkeys stacking up faster than you could dispose of 'em.

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Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

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