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Elaine, I always enjoy your economic insights.

In other areas, however, it seems like, well, you live on top of a lonely mountain somewhere.

Our bases in Japan are not for the benefit of Japan and never have been. And Japan bears far more than its share of the cost.

The majority of Japanese, not just leftists and rightwing nationalists, want us gone, but when Japan brings up troop reductions, Congress threatens to raise barriers against Japanese goods.

That game is now nearly over since we need Japanese technology and industrial production more than they need our funny money.

Up to now the businessmen of Japan Inc. have pushed the government to pay this reverse Dane Geld — unlike the real thing, it's not to get rid of us but having to pay us to stay.

The Japanese Self-Defense Forces, however, are well-trained, well-equipped, and easily capable of protecting Japanese interests.

(If Japan felt a need for nuclear weapons, how many minutes do you think it would take Japan to turn them out?)

It's hardly treachery on the part of Japan, China and Korea when they get together to work out agreements without consulting the U.S. That's their right. We've been blackmailing and threatening Asia with gunboat antics for 150 years, but that era is quickly coming to a close.

Please skip a post or two and read Chalmers Johnson. I'd start with "The Sorrows of Empire," but anything by him is good.

I mean this kindly. You're really uniformed in this area.



That's not what I heard from a Japanese friend of mine - the view in Japan is that their Defence Force is good for erecting music stands, bridges and stuff like rescuing kittens - shooting or destructive skills like blowing up tanks are a no- no!!
If you don't believe me - look at their army in Iraq. Ozzies are there to protect the Japanese Army!! Do u think they are ready to deal with PLA?? (Not that the PLA are any good but at least they have good experience in crushing revolts by unarmed civilians!!)


Speaking of robots, go check out the new combat robots that will soon be deployed in Iraq. There is a photo one on the Silver Bear Cafe under the War topic box.


See, we are right at that point in time where we should be asking ourselves: is this really a good idea?

But we won't. Like the A-bomb, the need to "be the first to do it" will overcome all moral objections and even common sense.

This is a distinctly human flaw that our psychologists and pychiatrists never study.


OC, why ask a friend when Wikipedia is available?

The Japanese Self Defense Forces consist of 240,000 troops. The air branch has over 330 planes including 9 attack squadrons.

The naval branch, (Maritime Self-Defense Force) has about 46,000 sailors and 119 warships, including 20 submarines, 53 destroyers and frigates, 29 mine warfare ships and boats, nine patrol craft, and nine amphibious ships. It also flies some 179 fixed-wing aircraft and 135 helicopters. Most of these aircraft are used in antisubmarine and mine warfare operations.

In other words, Japan has quietly built one of the world's major navies.

The Japanese constitution prohibits military action outside Japan, so the Japanese Forces in Iraq (another example of U.S. blackmail) can only perform humanitarian duties.

The Aussies can engage in combat, so perhaps that's the reason they are "protecting" the Japanese troops — it that's indeed true.

In the 1930's the western powers convinced themselves the Japanese couldn't fight. How they reconciled this with the view of the Japanese as the Prussians of Asia (Elaine has also used this description) I can't say.

I can say from first hand experience, the Japanese troops in 2007 are first-class — bigger, stronger, healthier and better educated than in Dec 1941.

Never doubt Bushido is still alive and well in Japan.


Not so long ago,a Japanese man died of malnutrition in the richest coutry on Earth.He died leaving a diary,in it he outlined an overwhelming desire for the simplest of food,which his neighbours had in abundance,yet they let him die.The local authority had been petitioned for help,their response being that he was able to look after himself.This was not the first,but he only one well documented.It show that those of us with a judeo/christian idea of speaking up for the frail in relation to the Japanese might as well be speaking Klingon.So,the idea of looking after the elderly is once again an alien idea.This is a country that encouraged promiscuity,but not the pill so that doctors could make a good living as abortionists.I can only assume they are a perverse race,or is its ruling class just perverse like that in the west.


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asimo came to town recently on a 'goodwill' tour

no mention at all of the robotic death platforms being developed by the US.

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