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Elaine, here you say:
"The US is in dire financial straits due to lack of tax paying by the wealthy." You have to be savvy enough to know that all the income taxes paid...all!, are not enough to pay the interest on the debt we have piled up. The US is NOT in financial straits for the reason you state. Get your facts right. We are in deep doo doo because we spend $3billion every week we don't have....we could take ALL of the wealth from the rich and we would still come up short. Statements like this belong on Daily Kos. One other thing while we are on the subject of taxes. How Elaine, do you raise taxes on the poor who pay 'none' already?
'The rich', according to Uncle Sam is someone who is earning over $100g...like my son and his wife and 2 kids....they are barely making it....they pay close to 50% of their income in some form of tax. No Elaine.....the problem is....the 'super rich', the ones who run the system, who rob us through inflation and bracket creep, these bastards paying their taxes won't help...the ruination of their oppressive system will solve the problem.....you are telling the story on them now....don't confuse the issue with the statement I just criticized. Love your work...give em' hell.

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