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James in Wisconsin


First, thanks for the pic's!!!!

Second, have you ever read the articles by John Shuttleworth when he and his wife, were the managing editors of The Mother Earth News??

For some reason, I believe you have.

Thanks again for the great comments, articles and observations.

mad mike

i reed jhk's blog all the time. it comes out on mondays.
maybe he was bit by a dog in his youth.
lots of the commentaters there speak of becoming blacksmiths
and subsistance farmers.
i have seen how folks lived in the 1700's in uh-merika.
spend all day spinnining flax into thread, churning milk into butter. making beeswax candles or chopping wood.
if they really did these things they would have no time for blogging.
life was short back then. high infant mortality and not much above 50 years old.
but imagine living without anyone having electric nor the availability of any hydrocarbon fuels. then things get ugly.
in this degenerate future, who will make gun power? where will lead come for bullets?
hand to hand combat. hunting game with bows and arrows.
many will not be able to adapt. huge population collapse.
truly only the strong survive.
extravagant energy usage leads to frivolous behavior.
elaine, how many folks lived like you have in your years on the mountain? and what happens as you get on in years?
extended families and close knit communities are needed. none of which modern uh-merika has. a tough time of adjustment for all.
i see no recourse except the big decline.
bad things are going to happen very soon.
but in the mean time some folks are going to become fantastically rich as others suffer.
because they can.

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