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.... and this is authoritarian free enterprise (or fascism, without anybody noticing.)

Stop and consider how many people are actually producing ANYTHING in our countries (not bureaucrats, not public servants of any kind, not lawyers, not accountants, not bankers or brokers). Now take away the military "industry" and "intelligence" community. You will discover that the 4 day work week (1 parent working) forecast in my youth would have arrived long ago. These mind bending wizards of greed have done nothing but focus on deceipt and confusion for their entire existence.

The fiat monetary systems have consumed all capital, one merger and acquisition at a time. The capital has been destroyed and sent to .... COMMUNIST China.

For our complacency, we will deliver our children to poverty and bondage. The something for nothing generation of entitled sloth has a duty to halt this madness.... but we will not, for we know nothing but self interest. The images of 'flower children', 'peace activists' and 'freedom lovers' will be the irony for future generations to ridicule. Maybe they will be wiser?

Elaine, the speculator has a very valid role in the markets - to stabilize the producer's business cycle. The leveraged speculator of Wall Street pedigree is quite another beast.

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