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Elaine, you are right about the safe systems that are set up by the banks will always fail. Except the ones that are not profitable. But since the banksters don't WANT a static state, the unprofitable ones will not even be ALLOWED to live. This is because the banksters are greedy, fraudulently-capitalist pigs who want ever-increasing wealth (but you already knew that). Which is why banking should either be Socialist and well-managed, or very heavilly and wisely regulated.

But we won't get that unless Ron Paul (or perhaps Obama) is elected! And if neither Ron or Barack get elected, we'll get World War 3!

Which reminds me... I bought and am reading a book about John McCain, called "The Real McCain," by Mr. Cliff Schecter. I am only 30 pages in and already I am appalled. McCain is one of those already corrupt types, who will say anything, do anything, heck, even BE anything, to further enhance his political career. Yet the corporate media, who absolutely just LOVE him since he flirts with them ALL THE TIME, call him a "maverick" and a "straight talker," and call his presidential campaigns "the straight talk express." Only the so-called "straight talk express," weaving and bobbing all over the road, has (to paraphrase FDR) JUMPED the guardrail and fallen INTO THE DITCH. And STILL the media will do all they can to get him elected.


Ms. Supkis,

Your eloquence shames me and your logic devastates me. And I know you try, but where is the hope. If there is none and it looks that way, should we not say so?

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