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The slosh of money was forced into financials and investment banks. They all need the cover of high share prices to look solvent. Although the preening morons in Congress think they slew the dragon of high oil prices, they just thwarted investment into alternative energy. KUnstler said it well, the diabolicals are destroying every chance we have.


1 trillion dollar losses. Sounds like a lot but it is only 1 % of world GDP for one year. It will be absorbed and the world will move on.

Good consequences

1. fund managers who caused this will loose their powers. Hang em high I say.
2. China , Japan etc will not allow the US economy to collapse
but they will demand austerity from the US .You should be
thankful for a global economy. The pain to come
for your citizens will be sort lived .You will trade your
way out of it. Ive never seen so many US cars on our Austalian
roads as now.
3. The USA will end up #4 in the economic pecking order but is
that so bad. You will still be able to project your economic and political power abroad and as long as it is directed at facsists and islamists as in iraq and afghanistan you will get plenty of international support

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