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Spain should be more concerned with their own unfolding economic collapse than administering justice to zi juus. Spain expelled zi juus under the reign of Queen Isabella, and did not allow return until sixty years ago, and only because they lost the war. Spain did not recognize Israel until 1986. They must have balls like pickle jars to be judging zi juus. Coincidentally, or not, Spain hit a period five hundred years of economic decline after they threw out zi juus.


Calvino, Spain was just a small kingdom in the Iberian penninsula when it kicked out the Jews! But the same year, Columbus ran into the Americas, looking for Japan. Hence, the Spanish Empire and the flooding of Europe with Native American GOLD! Result: imperial overspending which led to a 500-year collapse. But I thought you knew this already.


Ed I do not know what your point is, however I don't think so. Modern Spain emerged when Isabel of Castile, having told Columbus to get lost, married Ferdinand of Aragon. Castile was the most powerful, Aragon the second most. Everyone else owed fealty to one of the two. Overspending is a symptom of internal rot. Let us not confuse symptoms with causes.

Bible Timeline Chart

You are right that there is a timeline problem if indeed John’s Revelation was written in AD95, but there is far more evidence that it, along with the rest of the New Testament was written before AD70. For one, Jesus predicted the destruction of the temple before His generation passed away and we know that this happened in the year AD70. So if John wrote in AD95, why wouldn’t he have proclaimed that Jesus’ prediction had come true like was the custom of the New Testament writers when something was fulfilled? Instead he doesn’t mention the destruction because it hasn’t happened yet. I know for sure that Gary DeMar and Hank Hanegraaff can give you more reasons for an early date and against a late date. Hope it helps some.

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