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You write, and correctly so: "They tried to bottle up the goddess of Inflation. Wall Her off in the Cave of Death. Only that damn, pesky little window the size of the Titanic is still gaping open! Instead of staying in the Cave for two years like in previous attempts at blocking her back in 1974, 1977 and 1987, She was pushed into the Cave of Death, She saw the huge hole and climbed right back out, a mere three months later!"

Elaine, I saw and spoke with Libra, she gave me all the details on how she is overseeing the reinvigorated investment demand for gold, that I present in my linked article "Analysts Sentiment Index On The USD/JPY Is 67% Bearish And 33% Neutral, FXStreet.com Reports"


Thanks for the Anniversary Reminder of the New Borrowing Window at the Fed. The Fed's efforts will fail to provide finanical marketplace stability.

One should ask: "Where it is all going?"

The Fed's Timothy Geithner, relates the answer to reduce risk in the financial system caused by lack of liquidity is unified regulation of banking globally.

Yes, a world banker, a Seignior, meaning top dog who takes a cut, will arise to oversee finance, commerce and trade worldwide.

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