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Toronto condos

Hey! In the first place, I would love to emphasize that I find your very elaborated post useful and by this opportunity to the countries you cited in the beginning, I´d like to add mine as well, Canada, and its RE market.

It should not be surprising that a person interested in the Toronto condos find those information helpful as the interdependence is stronger than ever. The formula is evident (even though a bit oversimplified now) : Japan is dependent, US is dependend, Canada as well...plus many more (chain reaction) and between the major actors, there are the financial markets, present everywhere, without any "state nationality"...well, pretty complicated envoronment where a law is that among all those adventages there are many serious risks...Even though I am not an ecomonic expert, I find it more than valuable not to reduce one´s sight on economy of his nation. That is overcome :) I like your analysis. However, there are positive numbers on Jap side whereas negative on the US one...How is that linked (I have my suspicion ;)?Anyway, those countries are still far geographically, but would be interesting to examine this way US-CAN situation as I suppose there are some surprising finding as well!


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