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I couldn't agree more. Today, while shopping in Costco, it was amazing to see only a few people in line (on a Saturday afternoon!) and empty parking spaces near the door. We should all be very frightened. I think the American people are so frightened that it is more than they can comprehend and so, they go about their lives as if it doesn't concern them. It will take a revolution of sorts to make the necessary changes to keep the country from going complely into the toilet and from the looks of the statistics, the American people are just too tired. Heavily indebted, working harder than ever, lay offs, the failing infrastructure, the labor force being replaced by illegals who work for pennies with no benefits, a president who by all appearances has fleeced them, my God, what has been allowed to happen is going to haunt all of us. Where is the leadership, the voices of reason? The right and left are in a sinking ship and still, they hate each other. Having a common enemy should bring these two parties together. The moderates of each party have an obligation to the citizens of this country to get this division of the american people settled as I believe corp. america has hijacked the republican party and morality (abortion) is keeping the right from acknowledging it.


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Fed chairmen seem to be picked on the basis of how effectively they are able to say nothing but sound as if the Fed is the driving force of the economy. Talk about bureaucrats protecting their increasingly worthless and disruptive jobs.

The debt won't ever be repaid, the government will default on it in some way. Whether it's through bankruptcy or collapsing the dollar through hyperinflation remains to be seen. But no one buying the debt really expects it to be paid back, I can't imagine.

If buying more American debt keeps up the global economic charade a little bit longer, then so be it -- foreign countries will be happy to oblige and enforce the status quo. It can't last forever, though, you're right about these types of schemes ending badly with very angry masses of people.

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