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The Huge Persian Empire


hello you most give this to milltary goverment as kgb and others as well hello as we got to tell you from lesley as mind control and metrex laser as laser balls at speed and flying down at speed and on the skin of the throat and got prove as well as its as people say the royal scientists and crime and need to be found as well now lesley can not mix with her famley other can and no a bout lesley now maria hogen as she nos a bout lesley and like to see her hurt and under mind control and even lesley got hair as prove and maria nos its there goverment as well and likes that evil control as mind control and nos words and other things as seting people up and phone calls and recordings as she said to lesley as well and other things as physics and every day for five year they conputerrise human hair as well to lesley and telpath writeing to read as lenny said he seen it and in a flat runed by goverment of the obe and older people pushed to the floor by physics as well get there words as speach as from top of goverment as sceintists as well as as the the websight says as well they tell evil lies as well to play smart now its not the queen saying it as she and husband got a life and nothing at all to do with them as they dont say a word and dont want to now maria like milltary control as mind control and nos its on others as well as to lesley will tell the word as usa wants story sold as to the bruatl torcher and mind control of thoughts on a dic as to words and twist and set ups as well to lesley but other are evil with words as lesley got them bang to rights and the mccallas as well now as this need to be sorted out as well dont for get the usa northcarolina said to tell the kgb as well as to minfd control to children and older people is a crime and maria nos it and people from diffrent part of the world as been staying at maria and under milltary control as she nos and likes it as well for free money and get welfair as well and nos a bout lesley as she told the police and others in the usa and other want them found as other people as got evil mouth as well and she as had a few proble with health but not what she says and is a evil lier as lsley had as she had her belly done to have children and in hospital for a week now other are lieing as well and saying things evil as to health and its wrong as well as far as i see they want power on human life dream on people as you and others will be found out and will now as we said give this to kgb and wnat to stop this evil means of crime of act to human lifes and there is more to life then pick on some one in there home as others as you no needs to be found out side now maria got long human hair and thick as lesley got human hair as a women she got some and a lot as threw torcher in a bag and 5 years old as well maria nos a bout human hair as well and its wrong of people minds to see other hurt and play games as well as i no gods as we call him made a man and a women and pets of life as cats and dogs and it gos on so to me that is a great scientists and peole live to 112 or more with good health and others who dont cope and can with out force physics as we no and you do to and got prove as well on lenny coleman conputer as well of photos as well now people are human and great but mind control is not as it should not be put on any one have a great mind of your own and no harm to others that all and i no you a gree with that so as its 21st centry and things change and history do not repeat as it can not as you no as well things are diffrent and get better as you no as well this as to stop as mind control and is a crime and act as lesley dad said you can run but never hid as its 21st centry so that all i can say as now one day you see my story sold as other want in time and the real truth god bless as we all no that name and some where there is looking down to do good and for people and good lifes for all lesley


look from lesley read this and tell the russain goverment and usa as said on the state northcarlina as to use tracking as well for this bruta crime as the part og goverment as usa and russian want them found in the uk and most uses there top tracking as well its a most as people are liveing in hell tell the kgb ok and others who read it and help us in the uk and stpauls and easton cothem and cliffton and redland as well for butal mind control and physics of force as well to control as lesley will sale photos in time to scientists from that parts of the world lesley help us and read and report as well and send email to russia and usa your self for us lesley


hello look lesley is still being torcher as well and other under mind control and part of the goverment scientists now look they conputerised body part and liver and control lesley to drink as well for five years and smart to other as part of there mind control as to keep as well look every body who reads this do a email to russia kgb as well every body who read it for lesley please as they are still doing it as well as russia says its a brutal crime and found out the truth and recordings of it as well tell ok every one who reads it a round the world ok and thank gods of other it not madness lesley its real help read and send emails your self a round the world and to russia and usa kgb love you all thank you lesley

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