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Client Nine

Just never mind. The important news of the day is that Brad has left Angelina. For now. Let the banks collapse if they must collapse, but please leave Joe Sixpack alone. He's got to get up in the morning and go to work. To pay off his (and his neighbor's) mortgage.

Client Nine

The Rubicon has been crossed. Deficits no longer matter. If we print it, they will come.

Mark everything to market, let the capital flow to where it discovers value, and then deal with the aftermath with tax dollars. How can we act before actual damages can be identified? Everything is a Level 3 asset, but we only have Level 1 buyers.

Trash the economy if you must, but please salvage whatsoever is left of the accounting profession. What a disgrace.

ziff house

Seems to me those hearings were just a sideshow, the more fuss the press makes about something the less important it is. Nobody there was asking hard questions or talking brass tacks. So where is the real action? Bush talking to Brown? so what ,they are both in the same boat.

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