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ziff house

my own 'probably faulty' take on derivatives is that they are useless as insurance and hence have no face value. The question is about notional value and it remains to be seen what that impact will be . I think notional value is a rough measure of the amount of credit excess.

ziff house

Seems to me also there is still some confusion here. A derivatives meltdown would be deflationary, yet the concerns here have been about INflation.

ziff house

Well, somebodies magic wand was keeping the dollar high today

Neon Vincent

But her sisters are whores and love sex and can't wait for someone to bang them.

Would this be another instance of "love is free, but sex is very expensive"?

Tim Giangiobbe

I Love Your work and use it as you have seen.
Your way of Using Satire and Sarcasm works well.

Now if the Masses would wake up from their apathetic spell.
It seems that we wont reach many of these ROBOTS without and APP on the I-Phone ,I-Pad in this I-World.

Do We need and APP for Empathy,Vigilance,and Common Sense?

Keep up the Brilliant Work.
WE need to give these Arbtrage Whores and CDO Clowns HELL.
AS the Mess UNWINDS and the Cash Hoarders try to pay their BAD CDOs off the Credit market is FROZEN even as they claim different.

The SBA Loans need to FLOWING.
America was built on Small Business.

There are Many Boomers who will start small businesses to stay afloat.

The Averagae Citizen whose 401K was RAPED by the System is plenty mad.
I just PRAY the Struggle,Protest,and Subsequent Poloicy Changes Remains at Peaceful Protest Level.
I know what it Feels to be Hit by Sub Prime Scandal IT SUCKS!!
Just check the Price of the House at 531 Wallace in Vallejo.
It just Sold for 108,000 dollars in 2010.
When the Appraiser said over 400,000 in 2002 I knew something was up.
The SubScum bastards worked Vallejo good.
They adjusted and it was a PLAN.
HFCs SubPrime bandits will BURN IN HELL.
Of Course The Social Discourse is Off Course.
Too Many Citizens Upset.
Isn't The Pursuit of Happiness non Negotiable?
Imagine what could be accomplished if the Teabagger movement picked real leaders instead of Quitters like Sarah Palin and Haters like Glenn Beck.
Time for the Fighting to stop.
Time to do what MLK wanted,To Judge by Character not PARTY.
Learn to Agree to Disagree.
Time for "The Golden Rule",Imagine That a Utopian World!(wake up Timmy)
The "Secretive Elite" Love the Discourse it is Profitable for them.

Moderates are the way of the Future.
I am going to place a Link in My Blog to yours I like IT!!!

I have been looking at the FACEBOOK badges I will decide.

Hermes Kelly Handbags

I thank thee that I am none of the wheels of power but I am one with the living creatures that are crushed by it.

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Super cute! My little man would look so stylin' in those!

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