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If you got upset when Focus on the Family asked people to pray for rain, now it's our turn. There's only three days left to "Pray for Diarrhea!"

Pray for Diarrhea

Check it out, it's a hilarious parody of Focus on the Family's video! Don't forget to send it to everyone you know. We only have three days left!

ziff house

sorry to rain on your excellent parade, but ,a quick google

But the possibility of the Chaiten volcano affecting Earth's climate is probably fairly low, experts said.

So far, Chaiten has emitted only a few thousand tons of sulfur dioxide, "which is very small," said Simon Carn, a University of Maryland-Baltimore volcanologist who uses satellites to measure volcanic gases.

In general, a volcano must spew at least 1 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere to have a global effect on climate, said Alan Robock, a Rutgers University professor who co-authored a book on the subject.

After eruptions of unusual size, sulfur dioxide, converted into sulfuric acid, can form a thin white cloud in the atmosphere that reflects sunlight away from Earth.

The Philippines' Mount Pinatubo produced a brief cooling of the climate after spewing 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide in 1991.

But Robock said this volcano is so close to the South Pole that any cooling would likely be limited to the Southern Hemisphere.

Associated Press Science Writer Seth Borenstein in Washington, D.C., contributed to this

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