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Elaine - thank you for standing up for this country.

We need to keep stamping out the embers to make sure it is fully extinguished.

We need to let all those who voted YES know they will be voted out of office because of their vote, and let those who voted NO know that we appreciate them standing up for all Americans.


A great victory for the American people. but this is far from over.

If at first you don't succeed. turn the thumb screws some more, and try again. The markets will throw a hissy fit, the media will shout PANIC even louder, and this bill will be back in a couple of days.

It's vital now to keep the pressure on those that voted against this bill to make sure they don't buckle under and change their minds


You're damn right it was a damn bail out for Goldman Sachs! That was my take as soon as it was proposed.


Equityholders get wiped out when it is Bear or Lehman, but the poltically connected are angling to have the bad debt taken off their books. Goldman's stock would at least double.

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