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I'm not sure what to think of this person Benjamin Fulford. Sometimes he seems nutty and other times he seems very clear.

But in the audio here from September 6th:

Fulford says at 3:15 that the Bushes and people in "high finance" have a huge amount of debt due by September 30th to foreign interests.

This is interesting obviously in connection with the entire bailout frenzy, but also in connection with Karl Denninger's latest exposure:

Denninger is saying that the only point Paulson absolutely insisted on, threating his own veto, was that toxic waste be allowed to be bought from abroad.




I'm not sure on Fulford either. Some of his claims are really out there!! This is his latest from Rence, 29/09/08


In addition Fulford and Denninger, I've seen a few others that have said the bailout is as much to do about saving foreign investors as it is the US banks. The fear that investors may pull out of the US is very real.

There are so many things we do not know. but one thing is for sure, Bush MUST get this bill passed, come what may. Declare military law to push it through the house quickly, keep the clock running at the end of the vote. This didn't get the result they wanted, so they just ignore that. Now get the Senate to pass this bill before the house (is thia legal??) and then get them to vote again. All they have to do is turn 12 votes to the dark side and the people lose yet again.



You could also have some of the Yaes return to the "Light".

Anyway, one more "weird" site which discusses shady Bank of International Settlements dealings and Paulson himself ('Paulson' in quote marks, which is funny, to highlight his impostor, agent aspect) going back two years:

Honestly I don't trust anything on the internet anymore (or very little). But this stuff reads like a thriller, which is one level on which I enjoy it - conspiracy theory guilty pleasure.


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