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Elaine, your thoughts on Great Britain are somewhat fanciful. HMG is not bringing in Gurkhas to patrol the country. Quite the reverse: they have been actively trying to keep them out, mainly the retirees, so they won't qualify for free healthcare. In any event the Gurkhas have been reduced to a single regiment of a few hundred men. (The officers are all British, btw.) They'd struggle to patrol a single small city.

In fact HMG (Her Majesty's Government) has largely abdicated any sort of control over the territory the United Kindgom. Street crime is running rampant while 60 percent of police officers have migrated to 9-5 desk jobs leaving "response" officers woefully under staffed.

Nice blog, btw. I drop in occasionally.


US had got lots of goods, oil, furnitures in house and depository. What's US paid for these? Just the debt and paper. Lehman died, the foreign debt was gone. What's the foreign investor got? Air pollution and the empty mine.

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