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Liberal AND Proud

"Harley-Davidson's empoyees, is on strike and Bush and his gang plan to destroy the union. Serves them right."


Crawl in bed with snakes...don't complain when you get bit.


Yup another ranter is born! We go boom! Really, it's a possibility. My brother is a Vietnam veteran. He could go boom, too.

Meanwhile, It turn out Robert Byrd is Chairman of the Senate appropriations Committee. Hmm.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

It always distressed me to see so many unions go running after the GOP hoping to be protected and petted. Mainly, they wanted to keep them thar ....(fill in the blank minority names) out of their unions which they wanted to be something only for their own families and clans.

Seriously. This attempt at locking out all others and for example, the carpenter's union told me back in the seventies, I would have to get a court order to work with them and when I went off on my own, some other women tried to follow in my footsteps.

They had 'accidents'. I know from my own life, we need to depend on each other and seeing that happen---well!

Now they are crying in their cups, unable to see how they destroyed themselves.


Assholes of the world lament! Nothing new there! What else would they expect? Assholes get the shaft. That is the deal. Well, they got their deal. No surprise there.


I thought the old joke was about economists being outsourced; they being a source of free trade theories. But what the hey, might as well kill the messengers of the lies first!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Indians graduate an army of economists every year! So eventually, yes, they will outsource all that stuff in good time.

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