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"Year Of The Capitalist Pig"? Isn't that "Running-Dog Capitalist Pig"?

"Tomkins also said it would cut capital expenditure and transfer more production to low labour cost countries such as Mexico, China and the Czech Republic."

That's not very nice of them, is it?

" 'However, [Japanese businesses] have ploughed this money into investment, rather than paying their workers more.' And here is the truth! For once! I can't believe my eyes. Will this reporter keep her job? Will she be blacklisted now?"

Nah... Japanese businesses have always done that - no surprises in that article. "Rich Japan, poor Japanese" has been the model there since the Fifties.


Um, Elaine, dear... can I mention something? I know you got hit by a big clod of spam the other day, but do I have to get past the 'captcha' check every single time I post a comment? When I visit your site, can't it remember me after the first comment for as long as I'm there?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Sorry, Smith, I have no control over that feature. Sometimes it pops up for me! Usually after a thwarted spam attack!

It is automatic and rather suspicious programming designed to protect all of us. Do be patient with it.

As for the 'Japanese did this since the fifties': we started this off, trying to strengthen Japan thanks to the communist victory in China in 1948. Do take a good look at the currency I posted: my father in law gave me these, he was in China in 1945! One bill is real, the other, fake but both were WORTHLESS.

The history of currency is a fascinating one, I collect old bills just for the historic importance.

Timothy Bassett

Strange, I was the latest rend here is weekend shopping trips to Tokyo because it is cheaper than both Europe & the US. i love the Blog but you really ought to update your views on Japan, what they have been doing over the last 10yrs is even sneakier than you think, whilst the US like to boast with fake economic statistics the Japs fake them to plead poverty and take the pressure off for trade sanctions.


"It is automatic and rather suspicious programming designed to protect all of us. Do be patient with it."

OK... I agree, it does keep the annoying spam out. Suspicious is good, when dealing with spam...

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Timothy, thank you for the update! It is getting nearly impossible to track the bizarre trade rates of currencies vis a vis stuff for sale.

The rise of the super-box stores is due entirely to tying to cut labor and skim profits from sales by taking in a little bit from vast volumes of sales.

Japan used to have virtually all small retail stores. I suspect this is ending as they seek more profits as much as possible?

Ditto China. Relative value of itemized goods is dauntingly hard to catagorize via the news. I don't travel overseas anymore and this really makes it hard envisioning the effects of currency values.

I really appreaciate all examples (hint; can you cite the price of various objects in Japan that are for sale so I can compare them here, for example?).

And Smith: spam is like cheap paper money: the bad drives out the good. Our only way of fighting it is to not accept it.

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Money borrowed is soon sorrowed.

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