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I suppose China will buy our debt for a few more years in return for the transfer of our high technology and value added jobs, do you think? Just a few are getting rich at the expense of the majority by selling out to foreign lobbyists and international banking and corporate interests. Just incredible. Do you think that former treasury secretary John Snow, chairmen of Cerberus, will attempt to rebuild Chrysler as a manufacturing entity or just systematically shed workers and close plants while cutting pension plans under the threat of bankruptcy in order to create a financial engineering company?


I can answer that: he plans to tear it apart completely, and most especially the pension plans for the workers. I would expect either a buyout or perhaps even just a simple beheading. The name "Cerberus" was not chosen at random, you know.

We can only pray that China will buy our debts for a few more years, but either way, we don't have 50 trillion stashed away anywhere to fulfill all of our obligations.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Snow is the executioner. All these clowns who work with Bush hate pensions, unions and lust for the good old days of serfdom.


"This is not some stone-age society suddenly in 'civilization': they are one of the great homelands of great cultures, great civilizations!"

Well... they were, before Chairman Mousie-Dung. The Great Helmsman steered 'em straight off a cliff, from which experience they are just now recovering.


I predict that our monkey king, The Great Decider, will drive us off a cliff too.


Bush won't be there forever - he's only got a year and a half left.


Lenin was not around forever either, but look at the mess he left behind.


The Chinese owe everything to Mao. He had all the doctors, lawyers, economists, and sociologists shot in the back of the head, and hung like Saddam. At first it was catastrophic. But now they will reap huge rewards!!! We will have to do the same if we are ever to recover.

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