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"The history of slavery is very interesting and focusing on the enslavement of Africans loses sight of the fact that slavery has along history going back to the beginnings of human society."

Indeed it does. Our English word "slave" comes from "Slav" - the most frequently enslaved European people.

"I covered this story back when it broke. It took forever for it to make it into the American mainstream media. This is because the need to portray the evil, corrupt kings and lords in the Arab world, the oil pumping pimps of the Gulf, as 'moderates' who are supporting 'liberty' meant this would clash with the propaganda and clue people in to what was going on."

Or because in America people have remarkably little interest in Middle Eastern culture and affairs. No one here is really all that interested in child camel jockeys - they tune out as soon as you say "camel jockey".

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, the Vikings enslaved the Slavs and sold them to the Byzantian empire and then the Ottoman empire invaded and enslaved them right on the heels of the Golden Horde Mongols annihilating and enslaving them.

Then along came Stalin and Hitler. Gads, they suffered so much.

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Two wrongs don't make a right.

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