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The 'economic' folderol never made much of an impression on me. They said the means of production in the USA was right at hand, but the companies simply shut their doors during the 'Great Depression', and I believe that. But now, this time around, the means of production have been shipped overseas. There are not even any doors left to shut! This is much scarier than some stupid 'Depression'. And most of the kids I know are not skilled at anything much. If I am at all smart, I would say this spells D-O-O-M.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yup. You are 100% correct. There are fewer and fewer things to close now. And where is my lifetime of $10.000 pay raises? I should be earning at least $35,000 more than I can get!


As Canadian energy is paid for in USD it isn’t exactly helpful to our cause unless energy pricing structure increases corresponding to the USD decline relative to world markets. This hasn’t been happening in a cohesive manner for a number of reasons. It’s being recognized that currency valuations are starting to cause some stress in the resource based provinces.

"The bottom line is that if our dollar goes to par, it's not good news for an exporting province like Alberta," Oberg said Tuesday in an interview. "For every one cent of increase in the Canadian dollar, what we see is a revenue loss of $123 million."

A rise in the Bank of Canada's interest rate, combined with stronger-than-expected economic growth will drive the Canadian dollar to parity with the US dollar by year-end, said CIBC World Markets’ latest Canadian Portfolio Strategy Outlook report.

The budget forecast the dollar at 86 cents U.S. for the fiscal year, but with the loonie trading above 94 cents U.S. -- and pegged by some to be on par with the U.S. greenback by the end of the year -- the government is bracing for a wallop.



Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers vice-president Greg Stringham said smaller conventional oil and gas producers are the firms that will feel the effect of a rising dollar the most, but over the longer term it could also have an impact on larger projects, including multi-billion dollar oilsands projects.

"It's an effective lower price for the commodity that we sell, whether it be oil or gas -- and that's lower revenue," said Stringham.


With Home Depot, Wal-Mart, and all the rest of the big boxes coming to your local Canadian town, expeditiously helped via NAFTA and the stronger dollar which along with higher gasoline prices should decrease tourism, this should add to Canadian outsourcing and crimp the trade surplus of natural resource revenues.


Big Box Coming to town? pretty much endemic at this point. Canadian outsourcing is typically expedited by a buyout punctually followed with a production rationalization.
More risk to Canadian tourism from US passport proposals than fuel costs.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

And the Border Guards won't let people like me through to Canada. They go on the internet and if one is slightly radical, they are not allowed to cross!

Canada is being sucked into our new Soviet Union and like it, we are going bankrupt.


"Some had to abandon their homes and we see this all over and now, with the housing boom dead, the sad 'For Sale' signs are turning to 'Auction' signs to 'Seized by the Sheriff for back taxes' red signs! "

Hmm. Sounds like one could pick up a house in Berlin relatively inexpensively. Bet if I made a big down payment it'd be even cheaper.

I should look at Berlin real estate. Elaine & I could be neighbors!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yeah, and we all have guns up here. You would like it. Lots and lots of hunting.


Elaine. I can relate..I was refused entry 1x and another time the french canadian guard was rude

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