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Liberal AND Proud

"Barriers to commerce can backfire and hurt the economy as overseas partners retaliate by imposing their own restrictions against U.S.-made goods,"

LOLOLOL! I can't stop laughing over THAT hum dinger. U.S.-made goods...that's an oxymoron! Made by MORONS.

Ooooh...yeah...Tom Cruise and Hollywood are gonna really suffer if the world stops watching our movies!!

U.S.-made goods!! LOLOLOL! Oh man, that one made my day!!

Dan Dashnaw

As soon as the Wagner Act was passed the Supreme Court began to pull out the teeth. The Mackay Radio decision said, yeah, you can go on strike, and you can be replaced. We find ourselves as a nation deeply in debt, and our industrial base destroyed because the USA has always been a kleptocracy. The only reason a middle class was allowed to exist was to stave off a revolution. Now debt and denial keep our heads down as we are told that the reason we are not prosperous is because we need to "re-train". We don't need to re-train. we need to restrain. Restrain ourselves from consuming. Restrain ourselves from watching TV. Restrain ourselves from acquiring debt.. The only hope for the working people is that we begin to wake up.


"They will use all sorts of funny schemes to prevent trade."

There is no such thing as free trade, really. What the G7 calls free trade is just a scam to preserve the economic status quo, while allowing big multinationals to jack up profits by depressing wages and gobbling up resources at low prices.

Everyone manipulates their monetary policy, their tax policy, and their domestic laws to make sure trade is anything but free.


I am so sick of the "re-training" bullshit. When it was obvious our great manufacturing base was dying, they told us to learn technology. So we learned technology. And our labors helped them build many multi-billion dollar tech companies. Then of course, they sold us out again via outsourcing and insourcing. The only people who need to be "re-trained" are our corrupt, wealthy elite - to do an honest day's work.

North Face Shop

Now we have a great walkway that goes to the beach and to the canals that came from the partnership of community with government

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