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If you have the time, you really should check out the videos on YouTube of the crash test of the Chery. I guarantee you'll never buy one after watching the crash test.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yup. But you should check out all the Toyota factories in China and then look at where the ships coming to NY harbor are hailing from.


Really enjoyed this article. Living next to the harbor in Ensenada, Baja CA we, too, enjoy watching the comings and goings of the cargo ships. Ensenada, bit by bit, has captured some of the overflow from the west coast ports of Long Beach and LA. And mainly these are Asian ships bringing their exports to the US via Mexico including many car carrying ships. There is currently a plan underway to develop a mega port at Punta Colonet, some 80 miles south of Ensenada, that would be the third largest in the world and would eventually receive more TEUs than Long Beach and LA ports combined. One of the developers involved is Hutchinson Whampoa Ltd. of Hong Kong which also runs the port of Ensenada. The Chinese have certainly dominated shipping here as far as I can tell.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct Ralph and guess what? My next article tomorrow was on exactly that. I got a whole bunch of things to say about Whampoa Ltd. Was going to talk about it here but saw this would make the article way too long, way too long.

Dan Dashnaw

Another great piece. Eventually we may see the "China" price hit the auto biz. Americans, I suspect, will ultimately be joy riding with empty pockets in cheap Chinese cars. Who cares about crash-worthy? The Irony is too obvious! Happy motoring!

larry, dfh

Careful Elaine, walking around bridges with a camera can get you an unrequested vacation in Cuba! I'm surprised you could get to do much spotting at all, but good job. And nice trees, BTW, nothing but brown on the ground here in balmy DE.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I waved to all the rig drivers and the guys working the docks. I was very well dressed but not too whorish, heh, and they were all very charming. Some tootled their horns at me and waved. The Canadian geese there were so friendly, they came to me, looking for tidbits.

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