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D. F. Facti

"Just as Mattel talks and talks about 'branding' so I say, brand the executives on their foreheads with the name of their Chinese outsourced sub-groups!"

We are lost in a maze of marketing and financing abracadabra - - - brian williams the other night on msnbc made sure to blame the chinese for the aquadots fiasco - i.e. "the chinese used POISON paint ..." - hell, walmart was selling stuff made by prison slaves until the world bitched about it - - -

we're all about faded glory, alright


One thing that never fails is the correlation between the economy and Christmas tree lights: If there are a lot of jobs (seldom), there will be galaxies of colorful, decorative tree and porch lights. In a recession, almost nobody puts out lights. I'll bet this is going to be a dark Christmas.

The ground was frozen here in the Connecticut River valley this morning. This is it. Winter. Maybe, when no one goes shopping for Christmas junk (season opens in 10 days!), that will ring the big bell. But everybody knows we are hurting. For the first time ever, I am seeing less cars on the road, I think. Back in the USSA!


Apparently the guy piloting the ship that spilled oil in SF bay had 4 previous accidents and had been counseled several times, according to the local news. Counseled for what ? Didn't say. But they did have some good news to report about the incident - Tourism Is Unaffected ! Beaming reporters interviewed lots of merry tourists who commented on how the oil spill hadn't affected them at all ! So things are fine here, in spite of reports to the contrary :)

Elaine Supkis

No one swims in the Bay. So no one is disturbed unlike, say, if this happened in Malibu.

Neuro Artist

Al, I guess the tourists weren't going to swim anyway ;)


Hanjin, "Golden Korean", is a South Korean company:


Neuro Artist,
The only one swims in the bay around here is Clint Eastwood when he's escaping from Alcatraz !


Just so you know, the ship in question in San Francisco is is owned by Hanjin Shipping which is Korean. That's right, Korean. Big diff between Egg Fuyong anf Kimchi. Check out their vessel tracking service at their website below.

Elaine Supkis

Yes, it is Hanjin but it is part of Cosco. A Chinese shipping consortium. I originally thought it was Korean, too.


Me bad. Hanjin means "Progress Korea", or something. "Jin" in "Han Jin" is progress, not "gold" as I originally thought. Hanjin and Cosco are competitors.

I live by a harbor and just this morning I saw a Hanjin being led into the bay by at least two tagboats (maybe more on the other side). Humm, did that poor Cosco Busan in SF bay have any tugboats?

Now that I am reading "Only Yesterday", thanks for Elaine's recommendation, I am beginning to see that there are "planned" accidents, or accidents that may be used as parts of a greater "plans". If this is really a Chinese boat, I can imagine the protest outside of SF Chinese embassy - yes, I was outside of it among the protesters many years ago, only time has proved that I was young and was brained washed.

Big hearts come later

Really messed up the start of crabbing in the bay this year too.

Coast guard won't let the public help -

because they're from the government and they're here to help us!

Henry Hub

If you the oil spill in SF bay is bad, wait until the ship sinks and all the lead from the paint on the toys is released!!


Nice post. I just feel bad about the oil spill caused by the disaster. I hope no one was seriously hurt from the accident.

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