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I think this alliance between the US and it's trading "partners" will end up being destructive on all sides. In the short term (the next decade or so) the destruction will be most severe on the US side. But in the long run, it is going to be Europe, Japan, and Israel who pay the biggest cost for their usury. I do not oppose trade relationships at all. But when a relationship becomes toxic, like one between an alcoholic and a codependent... then it's time to call an end to the relationship, get some therapy, and straighten out your life before you can consider dating again.


Hi all,

I've been tied up with too much stuff to do to post much lately. Getting out of NATO, the Japanese protection business, and the Israeli support business, etc., is absolutely crucial for us.

Everything has changed completely since the old days when we were protesting the Vietnam Fiasco. We are much, much poorer now. Some of us have fancier cars, computers, and gadgets, but few have real free time. I think that the average "middle" class person simply must juggle more than ten times as many hassles, worry far more about pointless details, etc., than even the poorest black people of the '70s. So there is no time to participate. The REAL standard of living today is 10% of what it was 30 years ago. Many, many of our idealistic illusions have been brutally stripped away. So we don't even know where to begin to protest now.

And the "sub-prime" part of the mortgage crisis is just the tip of the iceberg. Many, many folks who have what in former times would be very good mortgage deals must now struggle to afford food, gasoline, heating, cooling, and especially medicine. Americans are getting much, much poorer. And the real reason for that goes back to my "primitive economics" concept, which says that a "service economy" merely produces pointless complexities in the lives of all of us. With no productive system, you need armies of professional life-complicators to support the vast illusion of continued prosperity.

This figure I keep hearing is terrifying: "80% of our productive system is devoted to armament manufacture." But I keep repeating that any productive system must be far more than a set of industries. You need the whole system. In the end, you simply cannot manufacture missiles, helicopters, etc., but lack the ability to manufacture drill presses, copper wire, etc. There can be exceptions for a few items, but in the end, you must possess most of the components of a complete productive system or you will end up with no ability to produce. For example, I read recently that Donald Rumsfeld wanted a "cheap military," with the result that many US electronic weapon systems are now riddled with cheap Chinese manufactured integrated circuits that are not hardened at all against an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. Meanwhile, the EMP generators are getting more and more sophisticated. It has been said that it might be possible for a modern, small, inexpensive EMP generator to render an entire US naval battle group completely helpless.

Meanwhile, however, the indispensable OIL will be essentially used up in around 2020. During the Acknowledged Cold War, Many people really hoped that a space alien attack would unite the people of earth, thus ending the hostilities. Well we are now facing something just about as bad as hostile space aliens right now. But the incompetent corporate masters who control our media mindspin machine don't like the idea of cooperation at all. So here's the deal: If we get Hillary or McCain, we will probably continue attempting to steal Iraq's OIL. If we get Obama, he and Brzezinski will probably try to abandon the Iraq Fiasco, and bully the Eastern Powers into letting us steal the Caspian Sea OIL. None of these people are going to err on the side of caution!

About the (so-called) podcasts. I have Win 98 (it's fine, and viruses seem to shun it). So I cannot get the new Quicktime player. (My old '98 version cuts out at the moment the Quicktime file stops loading -- kinda weird!) Windows users hate Quicktime anyway, and they don't see how Apple expects the to go for Macs when they develop lousy programs for Windows users. It is generally acknowledged that ALL "media players" come with deeply embedded, massively intrusive spyware. With one exception, which is the open source (good folks) VideoLan player. It's available for Windows and Mac. Find it at:

Anything that comes out of you speakers can be recorded in "stereo mode," and edited with a mouse with the Audacity professional open source sound system from SourceForge, and from the "File" tab, you can export the "entire project" to mp3 or ogg vorbis (either can be played by VideoLan). Find it at:

The mp3 format is an ancient one that's owned by some German company. The new ogg Vorbis format sounds much better, takes up much less bandwidth, and is non-proprietary.

"MomUpload gives you a free unlimited* secure place to upload and share your documents, music, videos, pictures and personal files." I don't know MomUpload does this, but maybe even I can have (so-called) podcasts! Here they are:


The US is the sole hyper power in the world. No other nation is even close to the importance of the US in economic and military terms. This situation has been developing since the end of WW II.

The US is the economic sun in the world's economic system and all other economies are planets circling this sun.

Now there is Global Economic Warming as the US Economic Sun threatens to go Super Nova (or implode first).

The Dollar Economy was imposed by the US at Bretton Woods as the rest of the world was 'cratered' by the war and needed to get back on the feet again. The US has undoubtedly enjoyed enormous economic benefits from the dollar's status as world reserve currency.

Even today other nations need to hold enormous amounts of dollars they cannot invest in their own economies, but need to protect their currencies against currency speculators.

The US does not have that disadvantage. Instead other disadvantages for the US have popped up, but many of those have to do with the US' decision to let the military/industrial complex run the show. Generals and Admirals always want more of everything, and industrialists always want more profits. Both hate competition. And that equals an enormously bloated military costing an arm and a leg (and a head).

Just like Japan is basically a one trick Export Pony now, the US has decided to focus on becoming the worlds Unipolar power militarily, strategically, economically, well in all fields that matter really.

Since no nation can avoid the strength of the US (only Russia really with its own vast natural resources have tried to stand up to it) other nations have developed ways to cope indirectly. China decided to hitch it's economic wagon to the US like Japan and Europe and Israel have done. But this hitching comes with disadvantages too. In the past Japan and Europe have had to deal with depressions as a result of US disasters (like Vietnam) or foot the bills for the Iraq war.

I don't think you can blame one part for the current mess. The US has held the conductor's baton for a long time, and other nations try to play the tune to the best of their abilities.

But there is no question we need a new tune. The old tune is cacophonic and unpleasant at this late point.


Momupload has a limit to individual file size and a time limit. no downloads for 30 days and the file is wiped, 500MB max file size for any single file. Absolutely all for free is their advert, someone is paying for the servers and the bandwidth. I didn't see any 3rd party advertizing on the pages, don't see exactly how they intend to make an income to pay for the service.
Brezenski has always wanted to play the "great game" in central asia. Wanted it back in the Carter era; age has not made him wiser.


Bill Gross, manager of the world's largest bond mutual fund, sums it up like this: it is 'Frankensteinian' levered body of shadow banks promoting a chain letter, pyramid scheme of leverage' in his January newsletter.... we live in a bottomless-deception pit - cheers


Brzezinski is the "senior foreign policy adviosor" to Obama. The Taliban rose out of the ashes of Afghanistan after the war with Soviet Brezezinski helped launch. To be specific many came out of the refugee camps in Pakistan. Now Brezezinski/Obama wants to put the Taliban genie back into the bottle by bombing Afghanistan/Pakistan some more...

Hillary has "500,000 Iraqi dead children worth it - Madeleine Albright".

McCain has uber Neocons ex-CIA Woolsey and William Kristol among others.

Insanity on all fronts...


"Lawmakers from Washington State, where Boeing is a big employer, denounced the decision..."

I suspect Boeing's being punished for their last round of bad procurement behavior.

"Some of us have fancier cars, computers, and gadgets, but few have real free time."

People would have plenty of free time if they'd get off the damn 'Net!

"I have Win 98 (it's fine, and viruses seem to shun it)."

I had terrible experiences with 98 - it often hung for no apparent reason and seemed to be even less atable than Win3.1. XP, on the other hand, works fine. I have Vista on another PC; I don't like it as well as XP but it's still better than 98.

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